Woodblock Chocolate

I’ve had Woodblock’s sesame bar before, but that was probably a few years ago and definitely way before I started writing Time To Eat Chocolate. I wish I had remembered how it tasted! These bars came into my hands when a friend visited Oregon, asked me what chocolate makers were based there (it’s a LIST!), and brought these two Woodblock bars back 🙂

Woodblock was started by Jessica and Charley Wheelock who dreamed about making chocolate and stood firm on making chocolate using only cacao and sugar. I’ve always loved their simple yet modern and eye catching wrapper designs, and it makes sense they’d look great since Jessica has a background in fine art (Charley’s background in industrial design keeps their machines running). The couple started in their home kitchen before moving into a larger space not far from their house. They were warmly welcomed by their Portland community and partner with local businesses such as the ice cream shop Salt and Straw.

Since I haven’t had Woodblock often, and it’s hard for me to find it in my local chocolate shops, I remembered them by their wrapper design and their simplicity but classiness. Again, I’m super excited that my friend was willing to bring these bars back for me so I get to try Woodblock again!

The Sea Salt bar smelled like mocha, nutty and bright fruity. With the salt side down, the sea salt was mild but noticeable. The flavor was immediately nutty and like mocha. As my bite melted, some astringency developed with bright fruity flavor that mingled with the nuttiness. The astringency didn’t stay for too long and it went back to nuttiness and mocha. According to Woodblock’s website, this bar is made up of cacao from two origins, but it doesn’t say on the wrapper nor on the website what those origins area.

The Madagascar Sambirano bar smelled like tropical fruit. I always think of mango when I think of and smell tropical fruit… The flavor was also like tropical fruit and astringency developed as my bite melted. I think it’s the “bright and cheerful” flavor that Woodblock described. Like the sea salt bar, the astringency did not stay for long and through the end it was just fruity bliss. Woodblock also listed dried fruit flavors for this bar.

I liked the sea salt bar more because after tasting and then setting aside the bars for a day, I kept thinking about that sea salt bar. I hope someday I can try their sesame bar again, and I’m intrigued by their floral bar to represent the city of roses (ie. Portland).

Woodblock: Made in Portland, Oregon

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