Harper Macaw – The Political Collection

I finally got the chance to get my hands on a couple of Harper Macaw’s Political Collection bars while attending The Emporiyum food event in Baltimore, MD, in April. I’ve wanted to try them for a while, and having them to celebrate Fourth of July is perfect with their red, white and blue colored packaging! With Harper Macaw based out of Washington, D.C., it’s just fitting that they would have a politically themed line of chocolate bars. They’re very popular since both online and when I visited their table at The Emporiyum several of the bars were out of stock. To view all of the available politically themed bars, go to their website here. I especially remember during the presidential election these bars seemed to be grabbed up quickly 🙂

The Red State bar looked pretty on the back with dried bits of strawberry and raspberry sprinkled on. The scent and flavor was of berries with some tartness. The chocolate itself was smooth in texture and had bright fruity notes. Since I enjoy berries in chocolate, I really liked this bar!

The Left Wing bar had a creative picture on the front depicting protesters. The bar had a nutty and savory scent from the hazelnuts. The flavor of hazelnuts was the dominant flavor throughout my bite while the chocolate was subtler and creamier being 67% cocoa.

The design of the Flip-Flopper bar reminded me of playing cards. I really like the creativity of the packaging for all of the political bars! The bar smelled like sweet toffee mingled with salt, altogether reminding me of butterscotch. The combination of sweet toffee and sea salt hit my taste buds first followed by the creamy 52% chocolate. The toffee was fine and crumbly in texture and didn’t get stuck to my teeth.

I tasted the inclusions in all of these bars more than the chocolate, which makes me think these are great for introducing people to craft chocolate who aren’t ready to dive into plain single origin and higher percentage bars. I can’t recall if other Harper Macaw bars I’ve tried earlier said this, but on the back of the packaging it asks that the packaging box be recycled and that the foil sleeve is also compostable since it’s made of wood pulp. I’d be curious to hear how wood pulp is turned into this kind of sleeve. The next time I get the chance to purchase some Harper Macaw, I want to try the rest of their Political Collection bars!

Harper Macaw: Made in Washington, D.C.

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