Amedei Part 1: Toscano Bars

I’ve been meaning to blog about these Amedei Toscano bars for a long time because up until now, I’ve probably consumed three or four of each of these 😉 Once I get a bar in my hands, it’s gone the next moment. This time I had some self control to not inhale them right away so I could take some photos and notes of what I tasted. Keep an eye out for Amedei Part 2 where I try Amedei’s Chuao and Number 9 bars!

If you aren’t familiar with Amedei, you need to get your hands on some ASAP! They’re relatively pricey, but they don’t have a name for themselves for nothing. Before moving on to my thoughts on these bars, I recommend reading my post where I attended an Amedei tasting event at The Chocolate House in Washington, D.C., and got to hear from an Amedei representative about the companies’ story.

Toscano Red

This bar smelled like berries and slightly nutty. As my bite melted, the tartness and sweetness of the berries were the star of the show. Even though the berries were dried (strawberries, cherries and raspberries), they gave an addictive chewy texture. Toward the end of my bite, nutty flavors came through. The fruitiness and nuttiness lingered in the aftertaste. The texture of the dried fruit was what got me hooked onto this bar. I’m already eager to get try it again 🙂

Toscano Blond 

This bar had an earthy and nutty scent. Tartness and sweetness of apricot mixing with nuttiness from the chocolate took over my taste buds. There’s an umami-like savory quality to the chocolate that I couldn’t describe but sets Amedei apart from others. The texture was slightly gritty from the apricot bits and the chocolate itself. The aftertaste still contained apricot and nutty flavors.

Both bars are equally addictive! If you like fruit in your chocolate, definitely give these guys a try. If you can’t find them in a store near you, check their website or order through Chococurb, which I’ve been using lately to obtain these fruity addictions.

Amedei: Made in Tuscany, Italy

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