50 States: Hawaii – Madre Chocolate


I’m really excited to finally try Madre! I’ve seen them at The Chocolate House often, and the first time I bought one of their bars I didn’t get to eat it since it was a gift for my brother. My brother has travelled to Hawaii several times and loves it there. A couple of years ago when my brother returned from visiting Kona, Hawaii, I gave him a Madre bar as a “welcome back” gift.

Madre and any chocolate maker based out of Hawaii is truly special because Hawaii is the only North American state where cacao can be both grown and made into chocolate. The founders of Madre are Nat and Dave, Nat having previously worked with Adam of Undone Chocolate before moving to Hawaii. With Nat’s background in botany, his and Dave’s interests in Mexico’s native plants and in making chocolate, they started Madre Chocolate in 2011.

The bars here are part of the, Kokoleka series and are made exclusively with ingredients from Hawaii. It was honestly very hard to choose only two bars because they all looked good, but since Trish from Eating the Chocolate Alphabet and I are trying to cover as many of the 50 American states as we can, I kind of have to save room for other chocolate.

FullSizeRender 5

This bar was the one I had bought for my brother a couple of years ago. The back of this bar says that this is “our first bar made with Kona cacao from Likao Kula farm where the dedicated cacao grower Gini grows and ferments beautifully fruity and delicate cacao. The high altitude of this farm gives incredible creaminess and excellent gooseberry, marzipan, currant, peach and Brazil nut notes to the chocolate.” The ingredients include cacao beans, organic sugar, organic cocoa butter and whole vanilla. The bar smelled fruity, nutty and chocolatey to me. I tasted fruitiness and savory nuttiness at first. As the chocolate melted, I tasted more nutty and creamy flavors. Toward the end there was still some fruitiness lingering. These flavors lasted into the aftertaste. The texture was very smooth and the chocolate melted easily.

FullSizeRender 2

The 60% passion fruit bar doesn’t have a story or tasting notes on the back but says it’s “calming aromatic and tangy… that lifts the mind and stimulates the palate.” This bar also smelled fruity and chocolatey, but I immediately tasted the passion fruit once it was in my mouth. It definitely tasted tart and there were chewy bits of passion fruit inside. As my bite melted and my taste buds got used to the tart passion fruit, I was able to detect the creaminess of the chocolate itself. It’s not summer yet here on the east coast, but this is like a summery chocolate.

Both bars were delicious, but I have to say that the 70% bar that was Madre’s first bar was my favorite. The fruity, creamy and nutty flavors were very pleasant. I would definitely get it again next time I get a chance to try more of their chocolate! Since I’ll be seeing my brother again soon, I’m going to save what’s left of these bars so I can share them with him 🙂

Madre Chocolate: Made in O’ahu, Hawaii

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