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Last time I tried Pacari, I did not like it at all. The chocolate had badly bloomed, it was very difficult to break a piece off, and the flavor was crazy bitter. I’m trying another strong flavor this time, with hopes that the chocolate would be in better condition. I ordered this bar from Chococurb, which is a chocolate subscription service where you can get a box of chocolates delivered to your front door. You can also separately order whichever bars they have in stock. I specially ordered the lemongrass bar since that’s what was available on Chococurb’s website at the time I ordered, and I knew my boyfriend would help me eat this bar if I didn’t like it since he enjoys lemongrass.

I think it’s interesting that this bar had sunflower lecithin listed as an ingredient. I’ve been noticing that the majority of craft chocolate (when they don’t have any inclusions) consists of only two or three ingredients: cacao/cocoa, sugar, and sometimes cocoa butter (additional cocoa butter is for a smoother mouth feel and lower melting point). When I see any kind of lecithin added, I wonder why an emulsifier is needed if craft chocolate doesn’t require an emulsifier.

I’m questioning this since I’ve been reading ingredients lists more often and I’m becoming more aware of additives found in cheaper chocolate. When a chocolate bar is supposed to be “fine chocolate,” higher quality stuff, but they have emulsifiers or other possible questionable items, it looks like that brand is putting cheap products in their bar. Another item listed was “lemongrass essence.” I don’t know what “essence” is supposed to mean, exactly, but it’s there.

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This bar definitely smelled like lemongrass. It was very strong, but also refreshing. The bar thankfully was in better condition compared to my first Pacari experience. There was no blooming, but there were definitely some air bubbles. Maybe when this bar was being prepared in the mold, not all of the air bubbles were tapped out. Once a piece was in my mouth, the flavor of lemongrass was not as strong as it smelled. An astringent, earthy flavor quickly developed as my bite melted and was on par in strength with the lemongrass. In the aftertaste that astringency lingered with the lemongrass. I’m not in love with this bar, but it was a better experience than when I first tried Pacari. I’m also not a huge fan of very earthy tasting chocolate, and a lot of “raw” chocolates tend to have a strong earthy flavor to them.


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