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A huge thanks to Trish from Eating the Chocolate Alphabet for sharing this bar with me! I had never heard of frankincense in chocolate until I read her post on it, and now I get to try it too. Definitely check out her post because she has an excellent write-up about the bar, the ingredients used and you can see what she tasted.

Inside the box there was some backstory about how Rococo got started and their venture into eventually owning their own cocoa farm. Rococo was started in 1983 by a woman named Chantal, who was inspired by Willy Wonka to open her own chocolate shop. In 2014 she received an OBE from Buckingham Palace for her chocolate making skills, which means she’s an Officer in the Order of the British Empire. In 2002 Chantal started working with the Grenada Chocolate Company and eventually got her own cocoa farm, which is called Grococo.

Rococo has a single origin bar consisting of 66% Grenada Grococo. They also have several interesting combinations with their chocolate, including basil and Persian lime, orange marmalade, and floral violet all in dark chocolate. Their “Festive Artisan” bars include not only this frankincense and myrrh bar but Christmas pudding, morello cherry and gingerbread spice. All of those sound delicious!

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So, not only was I out of season earlier for trying Hello Cocoa’s Harvest bar with pumpkin seeds, but I’m out of season again trying this bar since the packaging says it’s a Christmas bar. A quick Google search said that myrrh is an herb and can be used to aid blood circulation, heal wounds, as a digestive aid and possibly as an anti-inflammatory agent. And since we know that chocolate is delicious, when it’s combined with myrrh it should be pretty awesome, right? 🙂 Frankincense can taste woody, medicinal and herby. Gold… well that just tasted metallic to me when I took a bite.

This bar smelled like oranges to me. It tasted like oranges and there was some kind of bitter, herby flavor. The chocolate itself was very smooth in texture and melted relatively quickly. I tasted more orange flavoring than anything throughout my bite. The aftertaste still consisted of some bitterness, herb and orange flavors. This was a very unique bar to try and I am glad that the orange flavor was there to help with the bitterness and balance out the herb flavoring. If you want to be adventurous, definitely give this bar a try!

Rococo: Made in London, England


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