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I’m no stranger to Raaka, and lately I seem to be ordering and trying new bars from them more often. I haven’t signed up for their First Nibs subscription, but I’m thinking about it… Raaka keeps coming up with unique and interesting combinations that are hard to go without trying.

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First, I’m trying the new seasonal and limited edition Strawberry Basil bar. Just the name of the bar was what made me start an online order! I’ve had basil in chocolate before, but I’m always down for trying some kind of red berry in my chocolate. The back of the bar mentions that the cacao come from the Reserva Zorzal in the Domincan republic. It contains tart strawberries and the cocoa butter is infused with basil. “Juicy, herbaceous and romantic, this chocolate is what dreams are made of,” so it also says. The ingredients list includes cacao, cane sugar, cocoa butter, strawberries and basil. The chocolate smelled herby and a little fruity. I tasted mostly basil and the strawberry flavor was subtle throughout my whole bite. The basil mellowed out a bit at the end and I could detect the strawberry flavor easier. This bar was very interesting! I’ll be sharing this with my boyfriend since basil is one of his favorite herbs.


Just like Harper Macaw’s bourbon bar, Raaka’s bar uses cacao that’s been sitting in bourbon casks so they absorb the flavor of the bourbon that’s aged in the casks before them. I really like the idea and flavor result! Even though I personally don’t enjoy bourbon on its own, I am more than willing to try chocolate that contains some of the flavor. The ingredients for this bar are cacao, cane sugar, maple sugar and cacao butter. This bar actually smelled sweet to me and I’m wondering if it’s the maple sugar. To me, bourbon alone tastes sharp and usually smoky. Since I’m not familiar with flavor profiles of bourbon, I’m going to simply say this chocolate definitely had the strong flavor of bourbon right away. At the end of my bite, the bourbon flavor decreased and I was able to barely detect some of the maple sugar.


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When I first bought the Cabernet Sauvignon bar, I ended up giving it away as part of a birthday gift for my boyfriend’s father, who later reported that he was very impressed and enjoyed the chocolate! I ordered a second bar to try for myself. The packaging for this bar mentions that the cacao was steamed over simmering wine. The ingredients include cacao, cane sugar, cacao butter and cabernet sauvignon. The chocolate had a very subtle fruity scent. The chocolate tasted sweet at first and then like grapes. My bite didn’t change flavor as it melted. I’m pleasantly surprised! Usually wine infused chocolates are bitter for me and have a very strong wine flavor to them, but this was not at all like that. I really enjoyed this bar.

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Last but not least, the coconut milk bar contains cacao, cane sugar, shredded coconut and cacao butter. The description on the wrapper says Raaka made their own beach through this bar. Summer at this time is still a couple of months away, but I wouldn’t mind some warmer weather and a bar that’s encouraging! This chocolate smelled and tasted very much like coconut. This is the adult version of the Almond Joy bar, minus the nuts. I might be stopping by Virginia Beach soon, so if I have any of this bar leftover, I’ll take it with me!

Raaka: Made in Brooklyn, NY

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