FullSizeRender 17.jpgWhile my mom was visiting Colorado, she happened to find this Cultura bar and kindly mailed it out to me. This isn’t the first time that she’s texted me while she’s out and about and finds chocolate for sharing on Time To Eat Chocolate!


I could write up my own blurb about Cultura, which is relatively brand new and started in 2016. But honestly, just go over to Trish’s Eating the Chocolate Alphabet blog to read her own writeup on Cultura because it covers all of the bases!

Have you read it yet?

Okay, now we can move on to my own thoughts on this 70% Haiti bar!


The packaging on the outside is so colorful and the wrapper inside looked mysterious being all black. I thought I was getting one large square bar, but nope. There were two golden wrapped smaller pieces of chocolate. At least the portion sizes are clear: eat one gold section now, and the other later! The tasting notes listed on this bar were biscuit, raisin and malt.

The bar smelled like raisin, like malt and a little earthy. Raisin was the first flavor I tasted followed by biscuit and malt flavors. The malt flavors in this bar weren’t as strong to me compared to French Broad’s malt bar. As my bite melted, the malt flavor was dominant while the raisin and biscuit flavors disappeared. The chocolate tasted more earthy toward the end with a little bit of astringency. I was left with the earthy flavor all the way into the aftertaste.

I shared the remains of this chocolate with coworkers and it was quickly polished off specifically by one coworker who really, really liked it. Sharing chocolate and seeing other people enjoy new bars brings much joy. Thank you, mom, for sending new chocolate that multiple people, including myself, could try!

Cultura: Made in Denver, CO

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