50 States: Florida – Castronovo

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Because of this 50 States collaboration with Trish from Eating the Chocolate Alphabet, I’ve been learning more about what chocolate makers we have in America. I hadn’t even thought about Florida having their own chocolate makers, and yet we have learned so far about four of them with Castronovo being one of them.

I wasn’t able to find much information about Castronovo on their website or from doing a quick Google search, though Google did say that Castronovo is possibly Italian for “castle” (castro)  and “new” (novo). The back of the bar says that Castronovo used rare cacao beans found in Colombia off of the Sierra Nevada mountains to create this chocolate bar.


I had absolutely no idea which bar to try by Castronovo, so I went by which tasting notes I would be interested in experiencing. The back of this bar said it had caramel, fruity and nutty flavors. The chocolate smelled like a caramel latte with a slightly smoky or roasted scent. A salted caramel flavor pulled through first with some astringency. As my bite melted, the nutty flavor was more detectable. I can’t say that I tasted any fruitiness. I tried another piece just to double check and could barely taste some fruity notes that time, but I had to look for them. I tasted more of the caramel flavor than anything else. I’ll have to share this with coworkers and see what they think.

After I received this bar in the mail, a fellow chocoholic over Instagram suggested trying Castronovo’s mocha bar. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get the chance to try it, but I will take the opportunity if it comes!

Castronovo: Made in Stuart, Florida

Other chocolate makers in Florida:

Cao Chocolates

Exquisito Fine Chocolates

Pinellas Chocolate

Make sure to check out Eating the Chocolate Alphabet to see what state and chocolate maker Trish will be covering next!

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