50 States: Virginia – Upchurch

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I’m going to make a confession… This isn’t my first time trying Upchurch. No, I don’t mean when I first reviewed them on here, I mean a time before that. I had just started writing Time To Eat Chocolate and my taste buds had not matured enough to appreciate craft chocolate, so at the time I didn’t quite know what to expect or how to properly taste chocolate. It’s now a year or so later, and I’m glad to give Upchurch another try!

I first heard about Upchurch through my sister, who had originally sent me three of their bars. Upchurch is the only chocolate maker I know of who is based out of Richmond. Had I known about them while I was attending college in Richmond, and had my palate been more refined as it is now, I would have been a loyal and regular customer!

According to their website, the name “Upchurch” was taken from an old family name from one of the founders of the chocolate company in an effort to carry on the lineage when there was no one else to take the name. The hot air balloon picture on all of the bars symbolizes “carrying on,” and to enjoy the journey of getting to a destination. Additionally, hot air balloons will always land in a different place than where it took off. I personally see it as a creative way of keeping the family name alive and strong in the upcoming years through a company where it will be associated with a pleasant item: chocolate!

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The tasting notes on this bar listed raspberries, fruit punch and lemon. It smelled faintly citrusy and like berries and the bar tasted citrusy and tart at first. The chocolate’s texture was a little gritty, but not as gritty as Taza’s chocolate. The chocolate melted relatively quickly on my tongue! The tartness disappeared halfway through my bite, but the citrus flavor remained as mellow fruity notes worked their way up. In the aftertaste I was left with that mellow fruitiness with a touch of citrus.

I liked this bar! I’m so glad I got to try Upchurch again with improved taste buds! Hopefully as I keep trying new chocolates my taste buds will continue to mature and be able to detect more subtle notes in chocolate.

Upchurch: Made in Richmond, VA

Other chocolate makers in Virginia:

Altus Chocolate

Frolic Chocolate

Potomac Chocolate

Shark Mountain Coffee

Tightrope Chocolate

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