The Chocolate Conspiracy


My mom mailed me this bar when she found it while grocery shopping. Usually I hear about various chocolate makers, chocolatiers and shops through Instagram, but The Chocolate Conspiracy I had never heard of. They’re local to Utah, so it made sense that my mom was able to find it while she was running errands.

I like reading stories about why a specific chocolate brand or company was created, but there isn’t much on The Chocolate Conspiracy’s website. In it nutshell, it mentions that the guy who started the company studied nutrition and had an interest in the health benefits of cacao. They mention the “exceptional quality and standards” of their process for preparing cacao, but they don’t go into detail about what separates them from the rest of the chocolate makers out there. They do specify that the cacao strain they use is the Forastero variety, but otherwise the rest of the About Us section is a list of health benefits of cacao. This section of the website will be beneficial for people who are skeptical about whether chocolate can be healthy, but for chocoholics like myself, we don’t need a list of reasons to consume more chocolate.

The back of the bar mentions that the cacao for this bar came from Peru. Honey was added to the bar for sweetness (instead of sugar), peppermint oil was used for the minty flavor and cacao nibs for a crunchy texture. I could smell the mint and sweetness of honey. I tasted mint first followed by a bright citrusy flavor from the chocolate itself and the undercurrent flavor of honey. The description online for this bar mentions that the cacao nibs are “Arriba Nacional” variety from Ecuador and they are supposed to lend some nutty flavors to the chocolate. I didn’t taste any nuttiness, but the texture was pleasantly crunchy. The chocolate became astringent for me toward the end and I was left with a minty and astringent aftertaste.

Facebook reviews for The Chocolate Conspiracy were claiming that it’s the best chocolate in Salt Lake City and I’m like, “Woah! Hang on!” What about the other parts of Utah where you have Durci, Amano, Ritual and Solstice? How could you miss those guys?! My mom told me before that her friends in Utah weren’t aware of the chocolate makers they have in Utah. I hope this changes because it would be a shame if the rest of the country knows and raves about their chocolate but the locals don’t appreciate it as much as we do. I can’t say I was blown away by The Chocolate Conspiracy because I’d rather reach for a Durci, Ritual or Amano bar.

The Chocolate Conspiracy: Made in Salt Lake City, UT

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