Vintage Plantations


I’ve seen Vintage Plantations shared online by other fellow bloggers and chocolate lovers, and this bar came into my hands in one of my Cocoa Couriers monthly mailed chocolate boxes. I really like the calm, artistic design of the packaging! The back of the bar mentions the name of the artist who designed the picture on the wrapper. In this case it was Charlotta Janssen.

According to their website, Vintage Plantations was started by Pierrick Chouard and Allan Suarez in 1993. They were not happy with how chocolate was being mass produced and losing its quality. Pierrick first traveled from France to Dominican Republic to see local cocoa farms. After learning how the farmers and cocoa farms were affected socially, economically and environmentally, he approached the Rainforest Alliance with funds and a mission to start his own line of bean to bar chocolate. He saw how small cacao farms were decreasing in number because they were being swallowed up by larger chocolate companies that were focused on hybrid cacao for mass production. Pierrick wanted to educate cacao farmers to improve the way they farmed cacao and produce a sustainable resource for his new line of chocolate bars. V. Plantations was awarded in 2010 a sustainability award from the Rainforest Alliance. V. Plantations first started in Ecuador and then relocated to the United States, though it’s not mentioned where in the U.S. they were based, though on their website it appears their bars are available mainly around New York City and in New Jersey. They also have a secondary location in Sweden where they are incorporating berries and herbs local to those parts into their chocolate.

The pieces to break off of this bar were generous in size! The scent of roasted almonds was easy to detect. The chocolate immediately had a nutty flavor and took a while to melt. Some bright citrus notes in the chocolate dominated my taste buds until midway through my bite where the toasted almond flavor and citrus notes both mellowed out. The almonds gave a nice crunch to the bar. I’ve heard that food can be even more enjoyable when it takes you down memory lane, and this bar definitely brought me back to when I was obsessed with chocolate covered almonds. My second bite I munched on the chocolate rather than letting it melt on my tongue and this time the chocolate tasted sweeter rather than citrusy and the toasted almond flavor lingered for a while. I liked this bar and I’m looking forward to potentially trying other flavor varieties by V. Plantations!

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