I hadn’t heard of KYYA before, but I received these two bars through two separate Cocoa Couriers boxes. If you haven’t checked out Cocoa Couriers before, I highly recommend them! If you don’t have a store near you that provides bean to bar or high quality chocolate bars, using a company that delivers chocolate to your doorstep could be the answer to your problem. I tried them out for a couple of months, but I’m taking a break for now since I have a backlog of bars I need to try out before renewing my monthly subscription with them.

I’m not familiar with many bean to bar chocolate makers in the midwest, but KYYA is one of them! They’re based out of Springdale, Arkansas, and they offer store/factory tours if you get a chance to visit them. There isn’t much directly on their website about how they got started, but there’s a helpful YouTube video that condenses their story.


Sadly both of my KYYA bars were beginning to look a bit ashy and as though they had some blooming going on, but it’s not holding me back from trying them. On KYYA’s website, the chai tea bar has the flavor of “vanilla infused chai with the taste of a rich dark chocolate”. The cacao for this bar came from Uganda. The ingredients on the back of the packaging list cacao, sugar, cacao butter, Madagascar vanilla, and sea salt. I could smell vanilla, sea salt and chai from this bar. Once my bite hit my tongue, it tasted pretty sweet and the chai flavor quickly developed. The website was right that throughout my bite, the dominant flavors were vanilla and chai. It was a warm flavor combination that was perfect for the chilly day I was trying these bars.


I wasn’t able to find the link the Nicaragua Midnight Chocolate bar and I can’t say I’m familiar with what to expect for tasting notes for cacao from Nicaragua. A general Google search for what the tasting notes usually would be yielded a variety of answers, so I’m having to dig right in and see for myself what my nose and taste buds detect. This bar smelled earthy and I could faintly smell sea salt. My bite started out a bit astringent and with a touch of sea salt. As my bite melted, the texture was smooth and the chocolate tasted earthy and astringent with maybe bright citrus flavor. The astringency went away as my bite ended and left me with bright citrus and earthy flavors. The chocolate melted pretty quickly in my mouth. The ingredients listed on the packaging were cacao, cacao butter, sugar, Madagascar vanilla and sea salt.

This is the first time I’ve had chocolate bars that were very specific to the cacao percentage, like 50.3% for the chai bar and 72.5% for the Nicaraguan bar. I wonder if this will become a trend or if I’ll be seeing this on several other brands/bars in the future.

KYYA: Made in Springdale, Arkansas

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