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This isn’t the first time that I’ve tried a product by Gearharts, but it’s my first time recording having an actual bar by them (I’ve tried their espresso bar, but I didn’t share it on the blog).

Gearharts is the only chocolatier I know of based out of Charlottesville, VA. My first year of college was spent in Charlottesville and it’s where my boyfriend and I met, so I wanted to pay tribute to someone from that little city. Sadly when my boyfriend and I paid a visit to Charlottesville last spring it was during a holiday, so Gearharts was closed and we couldn’t drop by the shop in person. I did manage to find their blueberry bar at my local Whole Foods.

For a little bit of background story using information from their website, Gearharts was created by Tim Gearhart who used to be a cook for the Marine Corps. He trained as a pastry chef and his trade brought him to various parts within the United States and in other countries. Inspired by his travels and to bring new flavors in chocolate to the Southern food scene, especially to the growing palate of Charlottesville, Tim built his shop and started his chocolate business in his home state. Tim partnered with Bill Hamilton in 2001 to start Gearharts and the business has been going strong in Charlottesville for 15 years. Their butter and sweet cream is sourced locally while additional flavors are inspired from around the world.

I’m calling Gearharts a chocolatier because there’s no information shared on the website about where the cacao is sourced, whether they even make their own chocolate straight from the bean, and some descriptions for bonbons and other chocolate covered items list Varlhona being used or “dark chocolate”, which is very, very vague. There’s a Criolla bar included in their 6-pack of bars, but again, “dark chocolate” is listed as the main product.

Blueberries in chocolate isn’t brand new, but it isn’t made often enough in my opinion. Ever since I tried Brasstown’s blueberry bar, I knew this was going to be one of my favorite chocolate combinations 🙂

The bar itself has some heft to it, and it’s quite thick. The scent was creamy and just of chocolate with a hint of blueberries. On my tongue, the sweetness of milk chocolate, blueberry and lemon hit my tongue (lemon zest is listed in the ingredients). The bar was very, very sweet and creamy for my palate. There were dried blueberries inside of the chocolate. I can’t say I was blown away, but now I finally have recorded my experience trying one of Gearharts’ chocolate bars.

Gearharts: Made in Charlottesville, VA

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