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I’ve finally gotten my hands on one of the most popular bars I’ve been hearing and seeing all over social media! There are many chocolate names I see floating around online, but Akesson’s was kept on the back burner because I kept getting my hands on other bars in the meantime. But during my latest trip to The Chocolate House (Washington, D.C.), I decided it was finally time to experience their 75% Criollo bar.

I found a review on this bar by another blogger, bean-to-bar, that has some helpful background info, like the Akesson family owning pepper and cacao plantations and that their cacao is used by other chocolate makers. On the Akesson website, it’s mentioned that their Criollo beans originate from the Ambolikapiky plantation in the Sambirano Valley, Madagascar. The back of the packaging for this bar mentions cacao has been harvested from the farms in this area since 1920, though according to Cocoa Runners, Akesson settled in Madagascar in 1970 to establish their own spice and cacao plantations. Currently they harvest a larger amount of Trinitario cacao (300 tons) than Criollo (2 tons). This specific bar is known for having citrus and red-berry notes with “fruity-sweet tartness”.


Indeed this bar did smell and taste citrusy and like red-berries with a touch of astringency. The red-berry  flavor reminded me specifically of raspberries. As my bite melted, the raspberry flavor increased and the citrus lingered in the background. These two flavors were stable throughout my bite until the very end where the chocolate also tasted smoky, as bean-t0-bar mentioned in their review.

I really enjoyed this bar! It was hard not to savor the whole thing in one sitting, so I opted to share it 😉 I will definitely want to try Akesson’s bars, like maybe their 100% Criollo or 75% Trinitario bars. By the way, this bar was $10, which isn’t bad at all compared to other prices, and the packaging looks sophisticated. I would get this as a gift on its own.

Akesson: Made in France, Cacao is from Madagascar

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