Potomac Chocolate Holiday Bar and Others


For this season of trying holiday bars, I definitely wanted to see what was being made locally. When Ben Rasmussen of Potomac Chocolate announced that he was in the process of making a peppermint bar well before the holiday season even began, I knew I had to get my hands on one of them!



This bar clearly smelled like candy cane and there was maybe some caramel-like scent from the chocolate itself. I definitely could smell the cocoa-ness of the chocolate. With the peppermint side down on the tongue, I first tasted the peppermint and a bit of earthiness and citrus from the chocolate itself. As my bite melted, the earthiness and citrus flavor increased. My bite ended with earthiness. The boyfriend said this bar was more bitter than most peppermint chocolates he’s tried and I agree. I can see how the earthy flavor of the chocolate balanced out the sweetness of the peppermint. I’m a bit surprised. Usually chocolates I’ve had with the cacao originating from Dominican Republic are fruity in flavor. Maybe the peppermint in this bar made it taste darker than usual. I tried this chocolate again a week later and that time I tasted more citrus than earthy flavors from the chocolate itself.


Cuyagua, Venezuela 70%

This one smelled bright and fruity. The back of the bar mentioned tasting notes of orange and spice. The orange hit my taste buds first followed by the warming up of spices. The two mingled together midway through my bite and reminded me a bit like gingerbread but without the ginger and nutmeg, or like cranberry orange muffins… maybe that’s because I just ate such muffins. This bar with the citrus and spices could also made a good holiday bar now that I think of it! Oranges and spices are usually paired together for the holiday season, right? I liked this bar!


Upala, Costa Rica 70%

The packaging on this bar listed the tasting notes as caramel, nut and red fruit. It smelled astringent and I could barely detect the scent of caramel. I tasted the caramel and slight astringency first followed by some nuttiness. The astringency remained as my bite melted, and it wasn’t until toward the end that I was able to taste some of the red fruit notes, but it was very subtle. I still tasted astringency in the aftertaste with some caramel flavor. The boyfriend liked this bar.


Duarte, Dominican Republic 70%

The packaging said this bar had a rich chocolate flavor with notes of red fruit. I smelled the very ,very subtle scent of red fruits and “rich chocolate”. The flavor at first reminded me of sweet, rich brownies. The red fruit flavor started to develop as my bite melted and reminded me of strawberries. I usually taste something like raspberries for red fruits, but strawberries was refreshing. My bite pretty much maintained the strawberry-like flavor with the rich brownie chocolatey-ness. The boyfriend said the chocolate reminded him of fudge and could taste the red fruit flavor as well. I liked this bar a lot! I tend to like chocolates with Dominican Republic cacao because of their fruity flavor.

Potomac Chocolate: Made in Woodbridge, VA

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