Taza Christmas Themed Bars

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I wasn’t able to find Taza’s gingerbread flavor in store, so I looked online for the delicious sounding chocolate bar. I stumbled upon this 3-bar pack and decided, “Eh, why not?” I’m glad I made that choice 🙂 This pack included both peppermint and gingerbread, two awesome Christmas flavors for the month of December! During the time of my online order, I also got a pumpkin cranberry bar that was amazingly on sale, but I ate it before I could take pictures and share…


The bar smelled like gingerbread, but I tasted salt and gingerbread first, especially the ginger spice. As my bite melted, I started tasting the cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and vanilla. The ingredients list for the gingerbread cookies used in this bar is very long and includes tapioca syrup. I wonder why tapioca is showing up in more chocolate products? Charm School Chocolate recently released a bar with tapioca syrup in it, which I had also tried. This bar was delicious! It was the first out of the three that I inhaled 🙂


I could faintly smell peppermint, but I mostly smelled earthiness from the chocolate. The chocolate tasted sweet like sugar, and the peppermint flavor developed and grew stronger as my bite melted. It was very much like having some candy cane flavoring in your mouth mingled with chocolate. There was a crunchy texture not only from Taza’s well known grittiness, but from bits of peppermint. There was a texture in the bar as though cocoa nibs were in there, but nibs aren’t listed as an ingredient. It was a nice combination to allow the chocolate flavor to be front and center while the peppermint lingered in the background. I liked this bar a lot because of the pleasant crunchy texture and the even but not overwhelming peppermint flavor.


I could smell both the maple and pecan. I tasted first salt followed by pecans. The maple flavor was barely detectable at first but halfway through my bite it was more obvious, though it was mild in flavor. This bar was saltier than I expected, and salt was included in the list of ingredients. The pecans gave some nice crunch, but I wasn’t in love with tasting salt throughout my whole bite. This bar contained “organic maple sugar” as well as “natural maple flavor”. I’m not sure what maple flavor is if it’s not syrup itself, but I would have liked to taste more of the maple sugar than salt.

Sadly the maple pecan bar was a miss for me, but the other two were great! Too bad I’ve already gotten Christmas gifts for everyone, otherwise this set would have been great! I’ll keep this as an idea for next year.

Taza: Made in Somerville, MA


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