Mānoa Chocolate is based out of Kailua, which is on the island Oahu. Their name in Hawaiian means “thick, solid, vast, depth,” as the bottom of their wrapper also mentions, since the flavor of dark chocolate can also be described using those words. These words also show some of the goals of the company, including supporting local farmers (“vast”), using local manufacturing (“depth”) and encouraging the growth of agriculture in Hawaii (“widen”).


The creator and owner of Mānoa is Dylan Butterbaugh, who majored in sustainability. He recycles materials and uses biodegradable items when possible. The creation of his business was supported with a collaborative effort from family and friends who helped clean up his kitchen and create pictures to display and add to the “homey” feeling of his shop. He wants his chocolate sales to go toward rainforest restoration or social problems. The more chocolate bars he sells, the more he can give back. He uses cacao from various parts of the world so his customers can appreciate a variety of flavors. You can watch this video where he talks about his company and shows you how he roasts his beans using a grill.


This bar smelled robust, like how coffee smells robust, but with the strong scent of earthiness. The chocolate tasted sweet with a touch of astringency and floral notes. As my bite melted, the astringency melted away and the floral notes were more obvious. The majority of my bite consisted of sweetness, floral and earthy notes. The aftertaste was mostly floral. This bar made me imagine being in a meadow with flowers 🙂 I really enjoyed this bar and I’m eager to try others by Mānoa now!

Mānoa: Made in Oahu, HI

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