Vosges Haut Chocolat Dark Milk Bars


When Vosges announced their new line of dark milk bars, I immediately rushed to their website to order some. But there was a delay in obtaining the bars when the website had some technical difficulties and wouldn’t allow me to “add to cart” any of the dark milk bars. But the Christmas bars were okay to add to my online cart… I’ll be trying those next month, by the way 😉 Thank goodness Vosges’ customer service was relatively quick to respond to the ordering issue and got everything fixed!

I used to absolutely love milk chocolate bars, but since my taste buds have been exposed to dark chocolate more often and have adjusted to that deeper, more complex flavor, milk chocolate has become too sweet for me and can even upset my stomach. But whenever my sweet tooth won’t be satisfied with just dark chocolate, dark milk chocolate bars have been the perfect balance. For people I meet who say that dark chocolate is too bitter for them, I’ve begun to recommend dark milk chocolate bars to them. As someone who made the journey from milk chocolate to appreciating dark chocolate, I can say that dark milk bars are a great step toward the “dark side”.

I was super excited to try these bars, especially because a couple of them contained tea!


I could immediately smell the mint and the scent was reminiscent of Andes mint chocolates. My mouth was filled with mint and chocolatey flavors. The texture was smooth and the chocolate melted easily on my tongue. The mint remained as the prominent flavor throughout my bite and it wasn’t until the end that I detected a hint of matcha. As someone who loves matcha tea, I would have liked to taste more of the match and less mint, but maybe Vosges is being more intentional about layering the flavors. Because of the mint, this could make a great holiday/Christmas bar!


As a tea aficionado, my boyfriend was intrigued by this bar. He told me that rooibos tea offers the same health benefits as green tea, but without caffeine. I could smell the earthy, savory flavor of the rooibos tea and fruitiness from the cherries. I tasted the savory flavor of rooibos tea with the fruitiness, sweetness and tartness of the cherries. The chewy texture of the cherries was nice with some tiny crunchy bits that I’m guessing could be from either the freeze dried cherries or loose leaf tea since cherry tea and rooibos tea are listed as ingredients in this bar. The cherries paired nicely with the rooibos tea and lingered in the aftertaste. The boyfriend thought that this bar could go well with wine, so we’ll have to try that out!


Since it’s hard to read from this picture, this bar contains coconut, turmeric, ginger and black pepper. The scent of turmeric and black pepper were pretty strong. I could barely detect the scent of coconut, but I was able to taste the coconut first followed by turmeric, ginger and some black pepper. The turmeric and ginger were more prominent while the black pepper and coconut were like secondary flavors. It seems like an interesting combination, but the bite from the ginger went really well with the gentle fruitiness of coconut. The black pepper and turmeric were exciting flavors that also seemed balanced by the coconut. I didn’t think I would like this combination since I had never found a chocolate containing ginger that I liked, but Vosges has convinced me otherwise!

I liked all of the dark milk chocolate bars, and it’s hard to pick just one as a top favorite. All of them were unique in their own way, though I am pleasantly surprised by the turneric ginger bar. Try them and see what you think for yourself 🙂

Vosges Haut Chocolat: Made in Chicago, IL






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