Francois Pralus


I’m not a stranger to Francois Pralus’ chocolate. I used to eat his bars more regularly a few years ago when I first heard about him through a friend, though at the time I hadn’t learned how to properly taste and appreciate finer chocolate. Now that my taste buds are better fit for tasting, it’s time to revisit some of the brands I had tried in the past. I was familiar with the “pyramids” of Francois Pralus mini chocolate bars stacked to form a small tower. They’re great for gifts, though I haven’t tried one myself. I’ll have to do that at some point and test myself to see if I taste all of the notes and flavors that I’m supposed to 🙂

I hadn’t tried any chocolate with the cocoa coming from Papau New Guinea, so I decided to give this specific bar a try. Francois Pralus’ website says that Papau New Guinea has “volcanic soil and wild cacao trees of the Tinitario type”. Trinitario beans are said to have a woody and sharp flavor.



This bar was thick and hefty! It smelled earthy, woody and slightly astringent. The flavor consisted of all those things, though maybe the astringency was actually the “sharpness” that’s said to be in Trinitario cacao. Halfway through my bite the flavors mingled together into what made me think of smokiness. At the end and aftertaste everything seemed to mellow out into a woody flavor.

I was trying this bar with my boyfriend and his father and brother. They were enjoying some whiskey, so I had them try their whiskey with this chocolate. I’m not very familiar with how the pair specific drinks with chocolate yet, so we’re in an experimental phase. The father and brother liked the woody, smoky flavor of the chocolate with the whiskey, but my boyfriend wasn’t a fan. We’ll keep trying though! I’m definitely going to have to take some time to look into chocolate pairings.

Francois Pralus: Made in France

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