I kept seeing and hearing about Raaka (like so many other chocolate names/brands) on Instagram, and I was getting the impression that many people favor them. I was planning a trip to The Chocolate House in Washington, D.C., and I had Raaka on my list of chocolates to buy. But then I got my first ever monthly Cocoa Couriers box in the mail, and one of Raaka’s bars was in there! That meant I could load up on other chocolates when I went to the The Chocolate House 😉

I actually first heard of Raaka when I read an article about them on Chocolate Noise’s website. As a matter of fact, any background info you want to learn about Raaka, you might as well just go to that link to the article because it’s very thorough and helps you understand in detail the company’s mission. The article also talks addresses the iffy subject about “raw” chocolate and how Raaka has addressed this issue. Raaka now says that they make “virgin” chocolate instead of “raw” chocolate, and both sides of the wrapper list that phrase.

The back of the bar also mentions that this Mint and Nibs bar consists of coconut, peppermint and peppermint oil for that mint flavor, nibs for a crunchy texture, and Congolese cacao. The cacao comes from eastern Congo and is bought through ESCO Kivu, which is a company that overseas the planting and purchasing of cacao by farmers in that area. Part of the goal for ESCO Kivu is to provide stability and economic support for their farmers.



Sadly my bar had broken during it’s journey to my doorstep, but that’s okay. It meant I already had some bite sized pieces “pre-prepared” for me 🙂 I could easily smell mint and maybe a hint of coconut. I could definitely taste the mint and the flavor of coconut with the pleasant crunch of nibs. The mint flavor was dominant, though not overwhelming, while the coconut lingered in the background throughout the bite. The chocolate itself seemed to have earthy notes, which lingered in the aftertaste along with the mint. This bar was like a much better quality of a peppermint patty! I was told at The Chocolate House that this bar was a favorite, and I can see why. I really liked it too! The strength of the mint was not too strong that I couldn’t taste the chocolate itself, and the coconut paired with the mint was interesting but good. I need to try more Raaka bars in the future and perhaps consider signing up for their First Nibs program.

Raaka: Made in Brooklyn, NY


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