I had heard about Madécasse changing their packaging to make themselves unique and memorable. They said that people had a hard time remembering how to pronounce their brand’s name, and they wanted customers to at least remember and recognize the brand for the ring tailed lemur pictured on the packaging. The ring tailed lemur is supposed to help represent Madagascar, which is the origin of all of Madécasse’s cacao.

Madécasse was started by a couple of Peace Corps volunteers who had traveled to Madagascar to teach English. After a few years of brainstorming ways to further assist Madagascar, they decided to grow vanilla and create their own chocolate line. They’ve been recognized for their efforts to help out the communities in Madagascar, including partnering with Whole Foods up to three times to build and expand water systems and schools. Their chocolate is unique in that their bars are made in Madagascar rather than having their cacao shipped out to another country.

Every Madécasse bar has this listed on the back.


The pure dark chocolate 80% bar smelled “chocolatey” and slightly astringent. It had a clean, sharp snap despite the pieces not breaking apart evenly. It immediately tasted astringent and it wasn’t until toward the end of my bite that I tasted some fruity notes, but the texture was smooth.


The salted almond bar looked lighter in color and smelled nutty. I first tasted the salt followed by the almonds with the crunchy texture of the almonds. This bar was 63% cocoa, and I could taste that it was sweeter and less astringent than the 80% cocoa bar. The ingredients list included not just almonds, but also almond flour. I’m not sure what almond flour does to the flavor and texture, except maybe it assists in the bar’s nutty scent and flavor? I liked this bar better due to it’s lower level of astringency.

I wish that Madécasse included the pronunciation of their name on the back of their bars like before. I think it was something like, “mah – day -cauz”? I thought their old packaging was bright, colorful and eye catching, and this current packaging looks darker and more modern in style. We’ll see if they stick with it!

Madécasse: Made in Madagascar, Based out of Brooklyn, NY

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