Burke Mountain Confectionery Maple Truffles


While visiting the White River Junction, which sits next to or on the border of New Hampshire and Vermont, I visited a Co-op grocery store, which is like Whole Foods and Mom’s Organic, though I’ve only seen them in those two states so far. I have a dear friend who lives in New Hampshire, and the last time I was visiting the area, she took me to Co-op to find chocolate. Thankfully this time I was able to bring my boyfriend along, who loves all things maple, so finding these truffles was perfect!

Burke mountain Confectionery was started by a couple who originally hailed from the South and knew they wanted to live in Vermont after being drawn to the laid back lifestyle there. Though Richmond, VA, was laid back for my personal tastes, Vermont and New Hampshire are pretty chill places to visit. After working in landscape for many years, the couple eventually able to call Burke, Vermont, their home.

The main goal of Burke Mountain Confectionery is to use local and well known ingredients from Vermont and incorporate them into their creations. Maple is definitely a very common item from the far north New England states, and I don’t recall ever seeing it used in chocolate. (Though maybe some places in Canada might have chocolate + maple? That’s something I need to look into…)

The boxes of truffles I found were 2-piece and 4-piece, though I chose 2-piece since they’d be easier to travel with.



In each box, the truffles were carefully wrapped in tissue paper and sealed with a sticker. I’m guessing this must be done by hand, and I think it makes it feel like opening the truffles as if I were opening a gift.


The scent and flavor of bourbon was strong. The flavor was maple was very subtle. Because I don’t like bourbon, I gave ate half of a truffle and gave the rest to my boyfriend, who enjoyed them very much 😉


“Sweet” is definitely the one word I would use to describe the flavor of these truffles. They definitely smelled like maple, and the flavor would be like if you took maple syrup, added more sugar to it and had it solidify into smooth melt in your mouth sweetness.


There was a strong scent of coffee from these truffles and it was nice to see bits of coffee in the filling. I tasted coffee at first with the texture of softer bits floating around inside of the filling, though I’m not sure what they were. The aftertaste consisted of coffee and subtle maple flavors.


This was my favorite out of the four! The flavor combination was like taking chocolate covered sea salt caramels and adding maple to the filling. I could smell salt, maple and caramel from these truffles. I first tasted salt followed by a flood of maple and caramel sweetness. I actually got two 2-piece boxes of this flavor specifically because I liked it so much! On the side of the box it said that the caramel came from Fat Toad Farm using specifically their goat’s milk caramel, which consists of goat’s milk, pure cane sugar and baking soda (according to the ingredients list).

If you’re visiting Vermont and you’re looking for a souvenir to bring back to family and friends, go to Burke Mountain Confectionery and try out their maple truffles!

Burke Mountain Confectionery: Made in Burke, VT


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