Mast Brothers Shake Shack


So I went to Shake Shack at my local mall with a friend. Just as I was about to pay for my burger and chocolate shake, something out of the corner of my eye grabbed my attention… Mast Brothers at a burger joint?! I couldn’t resist. I HAD to try them out. Admittedly I haven’t had Mast Brothers before, but this was my chance, although an odd one.

As I picked up a bar and said, “I’ll get this too!”, the cashier looked amused. “I haven’t seen anyone buy any of these bats before. But if you’re really sure…” As he tallied my order, I flipped the bar over and saw the expiration date was September 2016. When I commented about the date, he turned to his manager to share the news. The manager walked up and proceeded to literally throw the rest of the bars into the trash.

I was appalled. I mean, I’ve thrown out chocolate before, but only when I know I wouldn’t enjoy it any longer. Yes, the expiration was Sept 2016, but chances were that the chocolate was still okay. My friend and I sat down and I immediately investigated the chocolate. To my relief, it was still good! A quick taste showed I could still enjoy it, and I knew I wouldn’t sleep well knowing some chocolate that was still in decent condition had been dumped in the trash. I asked if I could have the other bars for free and graciously the cashier retrieved the remaining 3 bars and handed then to me. Bless his heart!  That moment made my night 🙂



Mast Brothers and Shake Shack worked together to create a bar that would compliment Shake Shack’s food. According to this article, the chocolate has notes of cherry, malt and vanilla. The collaboration has taken place since 2012.


This is a buttermilk bar containing buttermilk powder to cater toward both dark chocolate and milk chocolate taste buds. The wrapper is made of recycled paper and has a nice rough texture to it. The appearance clearly coincides with Shake Shack’s color theme.

The chocolate smelled sweet and a bit like buttermilk. It took a while to melt in my mouth, but I first tasted buttermilk followed by cherry with a background flavor of malt. The vanilla I didn’t taste until halfway through my bite. The end and aftertaste consisted of cherry notes mingled with malt. The flavor combination reminded me of those rich shakes served at Shake Shack. I easily ate one bar in a sitting! The shakes are good, but I would rather eat this chocolate 🙂

Mast Brothers

Shake Shack

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