Kacau (Part 3)


This is the final stretch of the 9 Kacau bars I’ve been trying courtesy of Vavako. Check out Part 1 and Part 2 and then come back here to read up on all 9 of them.

Let’s finish the rest of these delicious sounding bars!


Guayusa, Orange & Golden Berry

Guayusa (pronounced “gwhy-you-sa”) are leaves from a tree originating from the Amazon rainforest. They contain a high percentage of caffeine and have been dried and used as tea. I love green tea and matcha, but maybe I need to chew on this bar more often for an extra caffeine boost 😉

Kacau’s website lists this bar as containing uvilla, which is golden in color, grape-like and originally from various parts of South America. Google searches show that golden berry is from Peru, looks very similar to uvilla, and both come from the same plant genus Physalis.

This bar smelled citrusy and grassy. I could immediately taste bright citrus notes and the rough texture of the guayusa. There was a party of tartness, sweetness and grassy flavors in my mouth. Midway through my bite I was able to get a chewy texture from the golden berry and crunchy texture from guayusa. Tartness lingered throughout my whole bite and ended with fruity notes and sweetness from the chocolate itself.


Mango & Maras Salt

Maras salt comes from Maras, Peru, which contains salt evaporation ponds that are a tourist attraction. The salt pans used for salt evaporation are believed to have been built in pre-Inca times. Only families of the local community are allowed to harvest and work on these salt evaporation ponds. The salt is naturally pink due to various minerals absorbed from the spring water the salt originated from.

I was able to smell both mango and salt, though I first tasted only salt. It was strong in flavor and I couldn’t taste the mango until the chocolate had partly melted. Midway through my bite I got to munch on the chewy texture of dried mango. After the strong salt flavor went away, I tasted only mango and some astringency from the chocolate.


Lime, Ginger & Black Pepper

Lemon and ginger are great for aiding digestion. I personally like to drink hot water with lemon for this reason and for a vitamin C boost when I feel like I might be getting sick. According to Kacau, black pepper was used for bargaining in the Middle Ages. I knew black pepper could be used to spice up chocolate, but this would be my first time trying it.

I could smell lime, ginger and the pepper. I first tasted the lime, followed by the sharp bite of ginger as the spiciness of black pepper warmed up. The black pepper quickly dominated in flavor as the lime and ginger mingled in the background. The kick from the black pepper reached all the way to the back of my throat. The chocolate itself seemed sweet. Toward the end of my bite I was able to munch on dried ginger bits. My boyfriend really enjoyed this bar and he’s thinking of trying the same combination on fish at some point. I don’t think a huge fan of sweetness being used with black pepper, so I can’t say I was head over heels with this one.

That’s it for trying all 9 Kacau bars! My favorite out of all of them was probably the matcha and lemon bar since those are two things I’ve begun to like more and more over time. I think Vavako is the only distributor of Kacau since I can’t seem to find them anywhere else. If you want to try Kacau, I suggest contacting Kacau directly.

Kacau: Made in Ecuador, Distributed by Vavako (Bellevue, WA)



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