Kacau (Part 2)


If you haven’t read Part 1 of my trying Kacau’s bars, I recommend going there first to read up some info about them and their amazing art on their boxes. Any ingredient information I share here came from Kacau’s own explanations and stories.

Let’s go on to the next 3 bars!


Ají Panca, Pineapple & Brazilian Nut

The Brazilian nut comes from a rainforest in Peru. Ají Panca is a “shy” spice that can be used in Peruvian cuisine. Pineapple comes from South America.

I could immediately smell pineapple from this bar. With the inclusion side down on my tongue, I first tasted fruitiness from the pineapple and nuttiness of the Brazilian nut. Suddenly there was a kick of spice! I don’t know why this was called a shy spice by Kacau because it sure didn’t seem that way to me. My mouth was on fire! The sweetness of the pineapple acted as a nice counterbalance to the spiciness of the ají panca. My bite pretty much remained the same of spicy, fruity and nutty notes. The pineapple and Brazilian nut gave some nice crunchy and chewy texture to the chocolate. I’m very surprised that I was able to enjoy this bar despite the kick of ají panca. I think that pineapple helped a lot 🙂


Mijo, Chia, Amaranto & Poppy Seeds

The inclusions reminded me of bird seed, which made me think the owl picture on the box was quite fitting for this bar. This bar also reminded me of my sister, who loves birds and always has birdseed in her house to feed them out of her backyard.

Unfortunately Kacau didn’t have an explanation for what mijo was, and a Google search didn’t help at all either. All Kacau had to say was that mijo was “high in energy and proteins as well as a great source of vitamin B”. Amanranto is a type of seed. We all know chia is currently very popular and known for boosting energy. Basically this is a good chocolate I could bring on my upcoming hiking trip if I weren’t afraid of it melting on me 🙂

This bar definitely had a nutty smell and flavor, though it was more like a sweet nutty flavor. The sunflower seeds were the most obvious out of all the nut flavors. The chocolate definitely had a nice crunchy texture to it. As expected, the nuttiness prevailed throughout my whole bite. I was able to detect some earthiness and astringency from the chocolate, though it mellowed out into sweetness at the very end.


Rose, Quinoa, Andean Blueberry & Pecans

Kacau had an interesting note that pecans are “rich in zinc, selenium and omega 9, similar to extra virgin olive oil”. I know pecans were a great source of protein, but I had no idea they contained these other benefits!

This smelled a bit nutty from the pecans and possibly quinoa, and fruity from the blueberry. I could first taste the sweetness of the blueberry and some nuttiness. A sharp floral flavor from the rose developed as my bite melted. The chocolate itself tasted sweet. The rose was a bit strong, so it wasn’t until I bit into any quinoa and pecan bits that I was able to taste them. The texture of this bar was crunchy. This was a very, very unique combination for me possibly because of the rose. I’ve had candied rose before in chocolate, but not strong floral rose like this before.

One thing I’d like to note is that I love how Kacau ensured every bite of their chocolate contained the inclusions. I don’t mind when chocolate bars don’t have an even spread of inclusions, but it definitely ensures every bite contains the same flavor experience. Way to go, Kacau!

Part 3 is coming up next 🙂



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