Kacau (Part 1)


Thanks to Vavako for sending me these bars, I’ve been able to try Kacau! Kacau uses cacao from Ecuador with a variety of inclusions to make flavor combinations that are unique and stray away from the usual flavor palate of chocolate bars. Juan Espinosa, a chocolate lover with a taste for Ecuadorian cacao, and Julio Avendaño, a chef who wanted to experiment with different flavors, joined forces to create Kacau.

The boxes these bars are kept in are colorful and eye-catching! The pictures were created by an artist who portrayed the flavors of the chocolates in an abstract way. I’m not sure why they chose certain animals or creatures for each bar or flavor combination, but they’re pretty to look at.

Because there are 9 bars, I’m splitting these up into 3 posts. While tasting, I followed along with Kacau’s website since they included a description for each flavor combination.


All of the bars were safely kept in a minimalistic wrapper.


Matcha & Lemon

I love matcha in chocolate, and recently I’ve been greatly enjoying lemon in chocolate as well. I was looking forward to trying this one! Kacau’s website mentioned that both matcha tea and lemon have detoxing and natural health benefits. I personally love matcha for the energy boost it provides, and I drink lemon with ginger in hot water for detoxing and digestive benefits.

I could smell both matcha and lemon as though the lemon was freshly squeezed. The flavor of matcha and lemon was subtle at first. The bitterness of the two slowly grew as my bite melted, but it never became overwhelming. The citrusy lemon flavor was a little stronger than the matcha to me. In the aftertaste I was left with the earthiness of matcha and subtle lemon flavor. The texture of the chocolate was smooth and it slowly melted in my mouth. I liked this combination! Next time I prepare matcha tea for myself, I might try adding some freshly squeezed lemon juice.


Coffee, Cardamom & Molle

Kacau says that cardamom contains medicinal properties that help alleviate stomach digestive issues, bronchitis, asthma and other respiratory issues. Both coffee and cardamom are energizing. Molle is pink pepper from South America.

The pepper scent was strong and I could barely smell coffee from this bar. Immediately the pepper flavor hit my taste buds quickly followed by some spiciness of cardamom with subtle coffee in the background. There was crunchy texture in the bar I’m guessing from the molle and ground coffee. As my bite melted, the pepper flavor remained the strongest and it increased every time I bit into a peppercorn. Midway, I tasted only pepper and neither coffee or cardamom. I can see how Kacau was trying to layer the flavors, though the pepper was overwhelming for my taste.


Banana, Tocte & Ishpingo (Wild Cinnamon)

On the website, this bar is called “Banana, cinnamon, ishpingo & tocte”. Ishpingo is a kind of “dried wooden flower” and provides cinnamon flavoring to this bar. Tocte is a nut and is similar to walnut in appearance.

I only smelled cinnamon and it was what I first tasted. There was a subtle nuttiness and fruitiness from the tocte and banana in the background, but throughout my bite I tasted mainly cinnamon. There was some chewy texture from the dried banana and crunchiness from the tocte. I only easily detected the tocte when I bit into the chopped up pieces. Overall, the cinnamon was overwhelming for my taste and I couldn’t really enjoy the banana and tocte as much as I wanted to.

Coming up, I’ll cover three more bars by Kacau!

Kacau: Distributed by Vavako, Seattle, WA


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