Yves Thuries


A dear friend gifted this bar to me after she found it during a visit out of town. It was very thoughtful of her as I hadn’t tried or heard of Yves Thuries!

Apparently Yves Thuries, the chocolate maker, was twice pronounced the Best Craftsman in France in the ice cream, sweets and confections departments. Their website proclaims that vegetable fats aren’t used in their chocolates (maybe they’re referring to the cheaper chocolate) to ensure their products are high in quality. Let’s take a look at the ingredients list for this bar:

Cocoa mass, sugar, cherry splits 9% (sugar, cherry puree, apple, pineapple fibers, citric acid, sodium alginate, dicalcium phosphate, vegetable juice, natural flavors), cocoa butter, pistachios 2%, soy lecithin.

I’ve never seen pineapple fibers and vegetable juice as ingredients for a chocolate bar even though it’s just for the cherries.

According to their website, the only store locations were in France, though online ordering is possible. I’m curious how this bar found its way here!


The first thing that caught my eye looking at this chocolate was that it technically wasn’t a bar. The pieces were already broken apart looking more like tiny chocolate bars. But hey, that just makes sharing easier and I can eat the chocolate one large bite at a time! The chocolate smelled earthy and I could smell fruitiness from the cherries. My bite initially began as tart, fruity and earthy. Halfway, the cherry flavor increased and I could faintly detect nuttiness from the pistachios. Toward the end, the chocolate gave a sharp turn by becoming a bit astringent, though the flavor of the cherries and pistachios remained.

Unfortunately I couldn’t learn much about Yves Thuries from the website and there weren’t many options to explore. They did have a product called “noisirons” that looked delicious and apparently consisted of candied fruit, hazelnuts and honey.

Yves Thuries: Made in France




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