There’s a Lolli and Pops store at the mall nearby and I used to avoid it thinking that it was a candy store for children, but I heard from a friend that green tea Kit Kats (one of my addictions) could be found there. I didn’t find the Kit Kats, but I found some Antidote bars! I hadn’t heard of Antidote before, and their bright packaging and the flavors caught my eye.

According to the packaging, Antidote bars contain a 50/50 mixture of raw and roasted cacao from Ecuador. The cacao comes specifically from the “Camino Verde” farm, which I’m guessing is this place that used to be an abandoned plantation.


Both bars came in this amusing wrapper that gives various reasons and situations where chocolate is needed to help solve a problem. They look like clock faces showing various times of the day where one might need a boost that only chocolate can provide.


The one I’ve been feeling most is: “Stressed? Pop a choco pill to calm it down.” I feel a deep connection here with Antidote in that various situations call for chocolate (ie. It’s Time To Eat Chocolate) 😉

The back of this gold wrapper in conjunction with Antidote’s website states that the founder, Red Thalhammer, went through a rough emotional time where she just wanted chocolate, and the joke came out: what if chocolate is the antidote? When the economic crisis happened in 2009 and jobs were limited, it pushed Red into perfecting Antidote chocolate. Her chocolate is meant as a pick-me-up when times are rough, but also for staying healthy while enjoying a treat, hence her using 50% raw cacao and the message on the wrapper, “24 x 7 health through pleasure”.


Mango + Juniper

The back of the packaging states, “HYBRIS Greek goddess of pride and insolence: With her outrageous behavior, Hybris is the Antidote to fear and timidity. Her overpowering spirit comes alive through juniper berries and mango, the Queen of all fruits. Get your diva on.”

Already the design and the inclusions are pretty to look at! The chocolate smelled fruity and berry-like. Already just smelling it made me feel relaxed! With the fruit side down on my tongue, I immediately tasted the sweetness and tartness of the mango along with a kind of evergreen taste (like how evergreen smells), which I’m guessing might be the juniper berries, though I don’t know how they taste on their own. The berries and mango gave some chewy texture to the bar. Halfway through my bite and I could taste the chocolate itself, which seemed to have floral notes. At the end I was left with floral and mango fruit flavors.


Rose Salt + Lemon

The back of the packaging says, “HEBE Goddess of youth: Fresh and memorable, Hebe’s nectar is the Antidote to the mundane. Her youthful spirit kicks it with zesty lemon & salt. Revel in the eternal sandpit of laughter and play.”

I liked that I could see bits of lemon on the back of this bar. The scent of lemon was very subtle. I first tasted the rose salt. I’m terrible at determining the difference of flavors between different salts. They all taste salty to me ;D A quick Google search showed that rose salt is one of the purest salts coming from pink to orange colored crystals. Halfway through my bite and I was able to faintly detect the lemon. The chocolate seemed earthy. The chocolate melted easily and was very smooth in texture minus the salt bits. The rest of my bite remained the same with the subtle lemon flavor and earthiness of the chocolate.

Both bars were pleasant to experience and I definitely want to try more Antidote bars! Maybe I’ll be keeping a stash of them around for times when I’m very stressed out. I guess I’ll be stopping by Lolli and Pops more often now!

Antidote: Made in Ecuador, Based out of Brooklyn, NY


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