Gearharts and NibMor


I’ve wanted to try Gearharts for a long time, especially since I learned that they are based out of Charlottesville, VA, but alas I have yet to get my hands on any of their bars. I did, however, find this package of pistachio toffee at a local Whole Foods. It’s the closest I can get to Gearharts, so I’ll take it!



If you like hard toffee, you’ll like this stuff! And with 8 generous pieces in a package, there’s plenty for sharing, which I did with my siblings. Because there’s only a layer of chocolate covering the toffee, I could barely taste the chocolate itself. But the toffee was salty, syrupy, buttery, savory and delicious! The pistachios gave off a nice nutty scent and was either a background flavor or forefront depending on whether my bite contained a lot of them or not. Otherwise the saltiness and sweetness of the toffee went well with the nuttiness of the pistachios.

If you claim to not like chocolate, this might be good way to get a foot in the door 😉

Gearharts: Made in Charlottesville, VA

This would be an otherwise very short post if I just left it at the toffee, so I’m including my trying NibMor for the first time as well.


I first heard about NibMor through an article my mom had sent me. It was an “eat this, not that” kind of article about dark chocolate bars you can find in the grocery store. The article can be found here. I hadn’t heard of NibMor before, so I figured if I would keep an eye out for them.

There’s a candy store called Lolli and Pops I never went in to for a while because I assumed they only sold hard candy and would be more child friendly. But then I heard they had chocolate bars there… and they had NibMor! I also grabbed a couple of Antidote bars there, but I’ll talk about them in a later post.


Right away this wasn’t starting off too well. I know chocolate that has bloomed can still be eaten, but I have a hard time enjoying it when it’s very dry, hard and not as pleasant in texture and flavor as I imagine it would have been otherwise. The chocolate smelled like nothing and gave a hard crunch and I don’t think it was solely because of the “crispies” inside. The chocolate itself was dry in texture and tasted a little acidic but mostly sweet. I wasn’t blown away by this bar at all and its condition didn’t help it at all.


The plain dark chocolate bar was in far better condition than the crispy bar. It smelled “chocolatey” and tasted “chocolatey”. It was smooth in texture and took a while to melt. There was a little bit of acidity when tasting the chocolate. This bar tasted sweet to me as well as my brother-in-law, but my sister found it bitter for her tastes. That’s progress for me since I used to find almost every dark chocolate too bitter for my tastes a couple of years ago! Trying craft chocolate has definitely been shaping my palate for the better. Unfortunately this means I’m not in love with NibMor, but I think it’ll be a good introduction for those who are learning to appreciate dark chocolate.

NibMor: Made in Great Neck, NY


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