Durci (Part 2)


My taste buds are looking forward to this! If you haven’t read Part 1 of my trying Durci bars, I recommend going there first and then coming back here 🙂

Let’s move on!


This bar smelled like cherries and as the tasting notes said, it did taste like cherry cordial at first and then quickly changed to the warmth and sweetness like caramel but with fig flavoring. I could still taste traces of cherry as my bite melted, but it was in the background. The fig became slightly tart and fruity at the end of my bite. The aftertaste was sweet and still contained fig flavoring. I really liked how accurate the tasting notes were (I’ve tried bars where I didn’t taste the notes listed at all) and the flavor combination was very nice! I like fruity flavors, and this was perfect for satisfying my sweet tooth 🙂


This bar smelled floral and spicy and I was able to taste the smoky and spicy notes first. It was bitter as well. As my bite melted, the chocolate became sweeter and I was able to detect the blackberry and floral notes. Toward the end I tasted more blackberry and spice notes. All of the flavors were subtle and none of them were overwhelming or competed with the other flavors.


This bar smelled sweet and smoky, and my taste buds were immediately hit with smokiness with the cherry flavor lingering in the background. My boyfriend enjoys scotch and he said usually the smokiness in scotch can be overwhelming, but that the smokiness here was not overwhelming, and I agree. The cherry and smoky flavors remained the same throughout my bite.

Notes and flavors in chocolate remind me of making electronic music. I only play around with making electronic music using a digital audio workstation (a type of software program) every once in a while as a hobby and to appreciate my favorite DJs’ music more. I’m not good at it, but one important lesson I learned with building a musical track is that you don’t want any of the sounds competing with each other, otherwise the track becomes confusing and muddled. I think the same applies to chocolate in that chocolate makers, from my understanding, manipulate their chocolate to create layers of flavor and an experience for the taste buds, just as music is an experience for the ears. If all of the notes and flavors are very strong, it’s overwhelming to the taste buds. If some flavors are stronger while others are more subtle, it makes for a more pleasurable experience. Some flavors stand perfectly on their own. I really like how Durci has artistically built and layered their flavors in ways that are interesting, enjoyable and make me want more of their chocolate 🙂

My boyfriend and I enjoyed all 6 of the Durci bars! I highly recommend them! If you see them and haven’t tried them before, then grab them up! And if you’re visiting Utah, try to take the time to gaze on the beauty of the Wasatch and other mountains in the area!

Durci: Made in Lindon, UT




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