Durci (Part 1)


I’ve tried Durci’s Taíno Secret bar before, and they’ve been on my mind ever since. When I was thinking about what to get my mom for her birthday, I knew I had to somehow send her chocolate despite the high summer temperatures. My parents are currently living out west (we’re originally from New Jersey), and I was hearing about chocolates made in Utah. Durci is stationed at the base of the Wasatch mountain range in Utah, which my parents have taken me to during one of the times I visited them. I knew Durci would be a local chocolate maker to my parents, and their chocolate would make a perfect gift for my mom!

They were having a special 6-pack chocolate bar offer, so I sent that to her. Thankfully the package came with an ice pack and all of the chocolate arrived intact with no melting. My mom at this time is already about to finish up trying the bars, and as she’s so generous, she’s been sharing them with her friends who are now learning about good and local chocolate 😉 Thank you, mom, for teaching me to be generous and spreading the love for chocolate!

Because my mom’s chocolate bars arrived safe and sound, I decided to risk ordering the 6-pack for myself despite the package needing to travel much further. Thankfully they arrived in great condition. Because I have 6 bars, I’m going to split them into two separate posts.


All of the chocolate bars look the same, so I will be using pictures of the packaging instead, including the list of tasting notes for each bar. (Though I forgot to take a picture of the front of the 70% Río Caribe Venezuela on it’s own.) I really like the artistic and colorful packaging! It’s eye catching and unique! The colors and pictures on the 70% Río Caribe Venezuela bar remind me of Arches National Park and the reddish desert parts of Utah.


I could smell the pepper just a little bit from this bar as well as bitterness. I could taste the cinnamon right away, though it wasn’t very strong. The chocolate seemed more sweet than bitter with some nutty and earthy undertones. I could barely taste the pepper, but I didn’t mind that at all since I don’t like my chocolate to be too “peppery”. I really liked how none of the flavors were strong or tried to compete or overwhelm any of the other flavors. I really enjoyed this bar! My boyfriend helped sample these chocolates with me and he also really liked this one as well.


This bar I tried before, but I didn’t mind having it again! Tamarind is a type of legume (according to Google), but I’m not sure what they taste like on their own. I could smell citrus and taste it as well. There was something that seemed bean-like, so maybe that was the taramind I was tasting. Combining legume flavors with fruity and warm caramel flavors is interesting! Halfway through my bite I was able to detect the sweetness and warmth of caramel. The citrus flavor remained throughout the melting of the chocolate.


This bar was lighter in color and smelled floral and fruity. It tasted tart and bitter at first and then my mouth was filled with a combination of floral, fruity and herbal flavors. Like if you took a Ricola + I don’t know, a flower of some sort + an orange and threw them into the blender. The chocolate grew sweeter as it melted and lost the bitterness, though it remained tart. I tasted more fruity notes toward the end but I was left with an herbal aftertaste. This was a more interesting combination for my taste buds than the Taíno Secret bar. The strong floral, herbal  and citrus notes created a party in my mouth.

All of these Durci bars I tried here were very smooth in texture and melted easily. They all had a pleasant mouth feel and snapped apart cleanly. Part 2 where I try the other 3 Durci bars is next! I’m excited 🙂

Durci: Made in Lindon, UT




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