I’ve tried Theo’s Chai Tea bar in the past, but I’ve usually only been able to find it at For the Love of Chocolate in Richmond, VA, or at The Chocolate House in D.C. This time, I found that particular bar as well as a few others at a fair trade store in Tysons Corner, VA. What a pleasant surprise! I pretty much grabbed up the last of each of these bars, but thankfully the shop assured me that they would be back in stock again 😉



Chai Tea

Let’s start with my favorite! I could definitely smell the chai spices from the chocolate. It reminded me of chai latte with the creamy scent coming from the milk chocolate. I could immediately taste the chai spices as well and sweetness of the milk chocolate. Just like the scent, this bar is basically a chai latte in solid form combined with creamy milk chocolate. There wasn’t really any development in the flavoring as my bite melted, but I really enjoy the flavor combination. It reminds me of fall, maybe because of chai spices, and the sweetness of the milk chocolate feeds my sweet tooth 😉



Coconut Curry

I’m wondering how much curry was in this bar since it spread onto the wrapper… The curry scent was strong, though my immediate impression tasting the chocolate was that the curry started off weak in flavor and then grew in strength as it melted. It got strong enough to give me a stinging feeling in the back of my throat, but halfway through my bite, I either got used to the spiciness, or it decreased in strength. At that point I started munching on the coconut in the chocolate. And there was a lot of coconut in the bar! I don’t know if the large amount was to make up for the strong curry flavor, but I’d want a decrease in coconut and larger decrease in the curry. I couldn’t even taste the flavor of coconut in the chocolate! That’s how strong the curry was.


Bread and Chocolate

This bar smelled a little acidic and gave a sharp crunch once I bit into it due to the dried bread pieces inside. The chocolate tasted acidic at first with a touch of salt, but then it turned fruity and I could taste and crunch on more of the dried bread bits. It wasn’t until the end of my bite that I tasted more of the bread flavoring that reminded me of unseasoned croutons.


Hazelnut Crunch 

I could smell nuttiness from this chocolate, but my taste buds immediately detected salt followed by hazelnut. The texture was crunchy, as the bar says, from the chopped hazelnuts. Most chocolate and hazelnut bars I’ve had don’t have salty flavoring, so the saltiness was a bit much for my taste. I think having unsalted hazelnuts would have been fine.


The Chai Tea bar is still my favorite out of the four! Even though my taste buds are leaning toward dark chocolate, sometimes milk chocolate satisfies my sweet tooth better and quicker 🙂

Theo: Made in Seattle, WA


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