Theo Spring Collection


Okay, so the Quinoa Coconut bar isn’t actually part of the Spring Collection, but they’re all pretty to look at and so colorful! I had first seen the Lemon bar on Instagram and I was automatically attracted to the wrapper design. I surprisingly found these bars at an REI outdoors and hiking store, not at Whole Foods where I normally find Theo.


Almond Coconut

This bar definitely smelled like coconut and almond. I first tasted the fruitiness of the coconut, followed by the sweetness of the chocolate, and then the nuttiness of the almond. There was a nice crunchy texture from the coconut and almond, and I was left with a nutty aftertaste. The combination of sweet + nutty + fruity reminded me of trail mix 🙂



The scent of lemon hit me in the face the moment I unwrapped this chocolate. I could taste the lemon right away and the sweetness of the chocolate. I’ve had dark chocolate bars with lemon in them before, but I really liked the combination of citrus with milk chocolate. I think it’s because sometimes the dark chocolate is very bitter and the lemon is sour. But this bar for me was like sweetness counterbalancing out the citrus flavors. The texture was very smooth and melted nicely on my tongue. The lemon flavoring was not too much, nor too little in this chocolate, and I was left with a citrusy aftertaste. This was actually my favorite out of the three 🙂


Quinoa Coconut

I could smell the quinoa from this bar, and I could taste the gritty and nutty-like flavoring of the quinoa along with some acidity. The acidic flavor grew as my first bite melted on my tongue, but then it mellowed out into a grainy and nutty flavor from the quinoa. On my second bite, the chocolate seemed sweeter. I liked the texture of the quinoa and nutty aftertaste 🙂

The lemon bar was sold out on Theo’s website, and I couldn’t even find the coconut almond bar among their listings. I hope that the lemon and milk chocolate bar will become a regular flavor combination!

Theo: Made in Seattle, WA

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