Probably during this past spring I noticed that Taza was making bars wrapped in nifty looking patterns. I had meant to try them earlier, but it wasn’t until a ladies’ night out that I finally grabbed some up. These ladies and I agreed it was “time to eat chocolate”, so we went to the nearest grocery store for our fix. They weren’t exactly sure of what chocolate bars to get, so I started grabbing Harper Macaw, eyeing Vosges, and asking what kind of chocolate they liked… and thankfully we all agreed on getting some Taza! (We ended up having a nice handful of bars at the end ;))


Taza in bar form?! I was so used to seeing those familiar circular discs that I had to do a double take to ensure I was actually looking at the brand name correctly. I like the quality of their paper! It feels thick and sturdy.


The Haiti 84% Dark bar smelled fruity, acidic and felt like dirt. It tasted fruity at first, but became earthy and acidic as it melted. The bar had the fine gritty texture Taza is known for. In fact all three bars had the familiar gritty texture. My bite remained earthy toward the end and became “chocolatey” as well, but finished off with a note of bright fruitiness that remained in the aftertaste. I really like the fine gritty texture of these bars!

IMG_5208The Raspberry Nib Crunch 60% Dark bar had a strong raspberry smell and flavor. It was delightful and felt very summery. I got some rough texture this time from the nibs along with the natural grittiness of the chocolate. The raspberry flavor was dominant, but every once in a while I’d get bitterness from crunching on the nibs. This was a pleasant bar, and it was my favorite out of the three 🙂


It’s hard to tell by the picture, but the Toffee Almond Sea Salt 60% Dark bar was lighter in color than the other two bars. I tasted the toffee and sea salt first followed by a background flavor of almond. There was added rough and crunchy texture from the toffee bits and almonds. As the chocolate melted, the flavors melded together into what reminded me of butterscotch. The flavors remained the same throughout my bite and it was very sweet.

Taza: Made in Somerville, MA



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