My Chocolate Shoppe


While visiting Charlottesville, VA, I looked up what chocolate stores were local to the area. I was hoping to stop by Gearhart’s, but sadly it was closed due to a holiday the same weekend my boyfriend and I were visiting. Instead, I found out about My Chocolate Shoppe, which lies in the Downtown Mall area. My boyfriend and I first met and spent our first year of college in Charlottesville, and the Downtown Mall was one of our favorite places to hang out with friends. It was great to revisit the area, this time with our cat, Choco, and see what had changed.

Marcus and Choco in Cville.jpg


I read online that My Chocolate Shoppe made their own chocolates, though sadly the people working there weren’t the most enthusiastic or friendly. How can you work in a chocolate shop and not be happy being surrounded by chocolate?! Anyway, I forget the names of these chocolates, so I’m going off of taste and smell 😉


This definitely was a raspberry-something. It smelled like raspberry, tasted like raspberry and had some rough texture from seeds like those found in raspberries. The dark chocolate itself was sweet.


I remember this was a key lime bonbon. It’s gooey center was definitely key lime flavored, though I could barely taste the chocolate 😦


I think this was a rum truffle. I could smell rum from the ganache filling, though the flavor was very light and not overpowering whatsoever. The ganache melted quickly in my mouth and the chocolate shell was sweet.


I completely forgot what this truffle was. It smelled fruity, and it tasted like there might have been lemon flavors in the ganache. The citrusy flavoring was more subtle than the key lime bonbon, and I was able to taste the chocolate shell better.


This one was definitely lavender since I could smell it and immediately taste it. This might also have had lemon in it because I tasted some citrusy flavors in the it as well. I might have tasted rosemary toward the end of my bite???


This one smelled and tasted like coffee. There was a gritty texture to the chocolate as well.

The rum truffle was actually my favorite out of all of the chocolates I tried. Usually any rum truffles or chocolates I’ve tried are too overwhelming for my palate, and the one by My Chocolate Shoppe was perfect for me.

I know I’ve seen Gearhart’s chocolate at a Whole Foods or some other place before… Gearhart’s, according to their website, is based out of Charlottesville. I’m sad I couldn’t visit their shop while I was in the area. Hopefully I’ll be able to somehow find them!

My Chocolate Shoppe: Made in Charlottesville, VA

They don’t have a website, but they do have a Facebook page.


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