The Tea Room – Chocolate Fusion


Whenever my boyfriend and I stop by Capital Teas, I like to browse the selection of The Tea Room Chocolate Fusion bars while he looks at their tea leaves. He loves tea, I love chocolate…

I’ve noticed that at every Capital Teas location, their selection of The Tea Room Chocolate Fusion bars is different. Because I don’t eat them often enough, I keep forgetting which bars I have tried. This blog has become a super helpful way to not only share what chocolates I’m eating, but to keep track of which bars I’ve eaten so next time I’m not standing at the counter grabbing up like 6 bars and realizing half of them I’d already eaten before 😀

Compared to a previous post about The Tea Room Chocolate Fusion bars, I had definitely yet to try these two…


I’ll be honest, both of the bars looked exactly the same when unwrapped. I had a hard time telling them apart, even just looking at the pictures here. Thankfully their aroma helped prevent me from getting them mixed up! This is Raspberry Rooibos, which had the light scent of raspberries mixed with the earthiness of the chocolate. The bar first tasted just as it smelled, though it turned slightly acidic as it melted, mixed with a flavor like vanilla bean. My boyfriend said that rooibos kind of tasted like vanilla bean to him. The ingredients list includes vanilla bean extract, so I wasn’t sure if I was tasting vanilla flavors from both the rooibos or the extract alone. I liked this bar! The sweetness of the raspberry seemed to nicely balance out the acidity and slight bitterness in the chocolate.


The Máte and Cocoa Nibs bar smelled a little spicy and earthy. The spiciness might have been because of star anise in the bar, according to the ingredients list. I definitely tasted the star anise and other spicy flavors, possibly from the máte. As the chocolate melted, I got some acidity, bitterness and rough texture from the cocoa nibs. The nibs were sparse in this bar, but added enough of a crunchy texture so it wasn’t too much nor too little. Toward the end of my bite, the chocolate became sweeter and mild spicy flavors lingered in the aftertaste. I liked this combination! I thought the star anise was a very unique addition to the chocolate!

If you like various types of tea, I recommend checking out these bars 🙂

The Tea Room Chocolate Fusion: Made in San Leandro, CA


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