Chocolate Alchemist



When I visited Robert (aka the Chocolate Alchemist) in Philly a while back, it was a great excuse to pick up some full-sized bars by him! I had previously tried a much smaller version of his Clasico, but I was sharing that with my boyfriend and it wasn’t enough for the two of us. This time, I made sure to get plenty for sharing!


I only speak a little German, so I was really confused on how to pronounce the name of this bar. It sounded like “Zaru – meeya,” so I’ll have to keep that in mind in the future when I see chocolate bars with double “L’s” in their name 🙂 All of Robert’s bars had a pleasant sharp snap when broken apart. This one had an acidic but fruity aroma. I tasted earthy and bitter flavors at first, but then they turned bright and citrusy, turned acidic again, and then back to citrusy at the end. The citrus flavor lingered in the aftertaste.


This one had a berry-like scent… it reminded me of blueberries, to be specific. I really like blueberries in chocolate 🙂 My first bite was filled with berry flavors and a sweetness that reminded me of honey. As the chocolate melted, I got a smoky flavor which stayed throughout the rest of the melting and into the aftertaste. There was an earthiness as well toward the end. Since it’s summertime, this reminded me of barbecues and blueberry pie 🙂 To me, this was an interesting combination of smokey and sweet, and I liked it a lot!


I had heard of Robert’s Philly Blend bar before, so I was very glad to be able to finally try it 🙂 It smelled like coffee, and it tasted like coffee. It was light in the coffee flavor, though, and the chocolate was earthy with a touch of acidity. There were crunchy bits inside, maybe from the coffee since they were bitter in flavor. The acidity remained through the end of my bite.

If you’re interested in watching and learning a little bit about how Robert makes his chocolate, go to his YouTube channel and watch his videos, like this one. And if you get a chance to try his bars, don’t forget to preserve the wrapper so you can mail it back to him and he can reuse/recycle them. I just sent mine in the mail to him in hopefully good enough condition for reusing 🙂

Chocolate Alchemist: Made in Philadelphia, PA


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