Omnom, François Pralus, Fruition and Ritual


I had fun with these chocolate bars in that I have pics of myself holding them so I could update my profile pictures for the Time To Eat Chocolate social media accounts. If you share pictures or comments of chocolate on social media, and you’re comfortable with it, let’s start showing our faces with the chocolate so we can better relate to who we are sharing the love of chocolate with! Who knows, maybe we will run into each other in person and have an impromptu chocolate tasting session 🙂

The Brasstown blueberry bar I have already talked about in a previous post, so I won’t share about it again here. I had to get a second bar because I liked it so much!


I’ve tried this brand before, but it was a long time ago and I’m suddenly seeing Omnom show up all over Instagram. I used to be such a milk chocolate lover, and I will still eat it, but it’s starting to taste too sweet for me. I’m truly amazed at this, and it’s all thanks to fellow chocolate bloggers who I follow and help introduce me to new brands. I really like dark milk as a great transition for those whose palates are not prepared yet to dive into dark chocolate. It’s not too sweet, but it’s enough for when my “sweet tooth” is out of control.

This bar smelled sweet with a bit of astringency. It also tasted sweet, creamy, a bit astringent, with burnt sugar flavors. The burnt sugar and this sort of buttery flavor developed as the chocolate melted, and turned into sugary sweetness in the aftertaste (like the icing on cakes). I liked how smooth and not-too-sweet this bar was! If I ever get a chance to visit Reykjavik, I am totally hitting these guys up!

Omnom: Made in Reykjavik, Iceland!!!! (Congrats to Iceland, by the way, for progressing so far in the Euro Cup 2016 soccer games!)


I knew I was going to have to share François Pralus here sometime!!! I definitely want to share more of their bars on here sometime, but for now we’ll make do with their Chuao bar. I’m so glad that I learned more about the chuao beans from Venezuela from Amedei Chocolate as I’m finding I really like the fruity flavors I’ve been tasting in bars made with such beans.

This bar had the sharpest snap out out of the four I’m sharing here. It had a fruity and slightly astringent scent, and tasted the same way, though the astringency was mild. The chocolate melted slowly and was very smooth in texture. As it melted, it first became more astringent in flavor but retained the fruitiness, then it turned sweet and earthy at the end finishing off with that sweetness and fruitiness lingering in the aftertaste. I shared this bar with a couple of friends, and they said this was their top favorite out of the four bars!

Francçois Pralus: Made in France


I’ve been seeing Fruition all over Instagram lately, so I was excited to be able to finally try them! I wasn’t sure which bar to get by them while at The Chocolate House, and for some reason I was drawn to this one. This bar had a slight astringent and citrusy scent. I got an immediate citrus flavor and maybe floral notes in my first bite. It grew more astringent as it melted, but returned to citrus notes at the end which remained in the aftertaste. It was like the perfect bar for summer with all of those bright citrus flavors 🙂 I definitely would like to try more Fruition when I can next get my hands on some!

Fruition: Made in Shokan, NY


The unique patterns and color of Ritual’s packaging, as well as having previously heard about them, was what convinced me to picking up one of their bars. Green tea in chocolate bars are one of my top favorite combinations (as well as hazelnut), but coffee is quickly becoming a favorite of mine as well! Once unwrapping the chocolate, I could immediately smell the coffee as well as taste it. A friend who tried this bar with me and who is a coffee aficionado said that the coffee in the chocolate reminded them of a dark roast Colombian coffee. On the back of the bar it mentioned that blueberry and honeycomb flavors were in the chocolate, and I was able to detect them. Even though the coffee flavor was strong and a bit bitter, the blueberry and honeycomb balanced it out. I would have eaten this whole bar by myself if I didn’t have to share 😉

Ritual: Made in Park City, UT









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