Whole Foods Run Part 4


I’m actually running out of new brands and bars that I’m interested in trying at Whole Foods, so this might be my last one for a while until I see something different. This pertains to my local Whole Foods at least, so maybe I need to hit up their other locations in my area 😉


I was curious about Lily’s chocolate bars for a while, though I hadn’t take the leap into buying one until one day I wandered into Whole Foods and a representative was handing out samples. I was hesitant about Lily’s because I’m not a huge fan of stevia, though I know it’s being used as a sugar substitute. A couple of years ago when I used to put sugar in my coffee, I remember trying stevia in its place and I didn’t really like it. When it comes to chocolate, the stevia seems to make the bar sweeter overall. I’ve tried Lily’s plain milk chocolate bar, and that was too sweet for my tastes. But I did like their dark chocolate with coconut bar! The dark chocolate seemed to help balance out the sweetness of the stevia and the coconut gave a nice, soft crunchy texture to the bar. The chocolate melted easily in my first bite and there was a lingering aftertaste of coconut. I think this would be a nice upgrade from the Bounty bar 🙂

Lily’s: Made in King of Prussia, PA



This isn’t the first time I’ve tried Equal Exchange chocolate, but I was curious about this bar because of the caramel chunks inside of their caramel and sea salt bar. This chocolate had a clean sharp snap when broken apart, and the scent was slightly acidic yet fruity. In my first bite, I first tasted the sea salt, followed by the warmth of caramel flavors, and then fruity notes from the chocolate. I detected more of the sea salt flavors as the chocolate melted on my tongue, though I was left with a sugary and caramel aftertaste. The caramel bits inside reminded me of the toffee bits in Toblerone, though the caramel was bit harder on my teeth. I had a friend try this bar, and they absolutely loved it, so go ahead and try it out if you like caramel!

Equal Exchange: Produced in Switzerland




I’m excited to talk about Salazon’s coffee and sea salt bar! I’ve actually eaten it twice now, and I’ve enjoyed it each time! Upfront, I would recommend it to anyone who likes coffee. It’s a great pick-me-up for those mid-afternoon slumps at work or while out and about. First, I like the appearance of the bar with the detailed looking map on the front. It reflects Salazon’s adventurous spirit as I always see pictures from them on Instagram hiking and doing other outdoor activities. The bar had a coffee and “chocolatey” scent. In my first bite I immediately tasted the sea salt followed by the coffee, and both gave the bar a nice crunchy texture. The chocolate itself was surprisingly sweeter than I expected with a touch of acidity or astringent flavor. I’ll most likely be picking up another one of these bars when I next get the chance 😉 They’re also located in the metro Washington, D.C., area, so I get to help support a local business!

Salazon: Made in Eldersburg, MD




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