Fine & Raw Chocolate


My sister once again found some interesting chocolates for me, and I have to say, I immediately like the sassy look of these bars. They remind me of the stylish looking ladies on the wrappers of jcoco chocolate bars. The ink used on the wrappers are vegetable based, according to their website, and their packaging is recycled. The founder, Daniel Sklaar, had much determination at the beginning of his business in that he transported his chocolates to be sold via bicycle. Already Fine & Raw has themselves apart as being quite unique!


The Alderwood Smoked Salt bar smelled earthy. When I ate the chocolate salt-side down onto my tongue, I tasted the smokiness of the salt first, followed by the flavors of the chocolate. The chocolate seemed to have bright citrusy notes that mellowed out and became sweet. The aftertaste was a light chocolatey flavor. The texture of the chocolate itself (despite the salt) was a little gritty. I’m guessing that’d due to the “raw” part of the chocolate.


The Espresso bar had a bitter coffee scent. The espresso was crunchy and bitter in flavor, but I detected some fruity notes. The chocolate itself tasted very much like in the Alderwood Smoked Salt bar, though the espresso seemed to balance out the sweet notes in the chocolate. I ate this bar fairly quickly within a couple of days 😉 That also could be because I require coffee to function on a daily basis…

Fine & Raw: Made in Brooklyn, NY





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