Coffee Shop Finds


A favorite local coffee shop is Java Shack in Arlington, VA. They are very small, but have a casual, laid back atmosphere. While grabbing an iced coffee on a hot day, I discovered that they were carrying some Rip van Wafels, which I had recently seen on Instagram. Since I thoroughly enjoy inhaling bags of those mini Dutch caramel “wafel” cookies, I knew I wanted to try them as soon as I found them. The Commonwealth Joe bar I had seen before at this coffee shop, but I had yet to actually try it. Since it was so hot that day, the chocolate was actually starting to melt by the time I opened it.




This tasted like a regular “stroopwafel”, but chocolatey with a hint of sea salt. The texture was about the same, though this might have been a tad drier. Overall, it’s addictive and good! I would get another one 🙂


The “traditional wafel” also tasted like the original cookies I usually get by Dutch brands, but this had some cinnamon-like flavors in it. It was pretty unique and very nice!

Rip van Wafels: Product of Canada


Unfortunately because the coffee shop was very warm inside, this Commonwealth Joe Espresso Infused Dark Chocolate bar didn’t have the nice snap and temper to it that I imagine it would have had. The bar smelled like chocolate to me. The overall texture of the chocolate was smooth and surprisingly a bit sweet with a crunch and some bitterness from the coffee beans. It was a nice balance of sweet versus bitter. I wanted to eat the whole bar, but I kind of had to share it with friends 😉  Hopefully if I get another chance to try another Commonwealth Joe bar, it’ll be in a better environment so I can experience it in full flavor.

Commonwealth Joe: Coffee roasted in Culpeper, VA. Chocolate bar prepared by Kingsbury Chocolates in Arlington, VA.

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