Whole Foods Run Part 3


Apparently during my latest run to Whole Foods I was craving peanut butter big time!



Well, this one isn’t filled with peanut butter, but almond butter is definitely different! I hadn’t seen almond butter used with chocolate before, though sadly this bar turned out to have very little almond butter in it (I could barely taste it) and the chocolate itself had bloomed or had been affected somehow. I can’t say I’m in love with the chocolate itself, but I do like what Endangered Species Chocolate does!

As you can guess, they help support organizations that help protect wildlife, and I like that on their website you can see which organizations they donate funds to. I love reading stories, and I wish I could learn more about what got Endangered Species Chocolate started. Or even why they chose to depict certain animals on their labels (like how Harper Macaw uses specific animals on their wrapping to bring attention to their population status). All I’m finding are pointers to look at their logos about being fair trade, vegan and such. But apparently they are becoming more popular because I used to only see their bars at Whole Foods, but lately I’ve been finding them at Target as well.




The first time I saw Theo peanut butter cups was while I was at a Mom’s Organic grocery store and I was really glad to see them since I’ve been having bad luck with Justin’s peanut butter cups. For some reason every time I’ve unwrapped Justin’s peanut butter cups, the chocolate is ashy white and the insides are dried out. Theo’s peanut butter cups were perfect! They were moist on the inside and the chocolate was thick enough so I wasn’t just getting a mouthful of peanut butter.

My favorite part of these cups? They have tiny crunchy peanut bits in them that was very satisfying! I was also able to taste some salt. It makes me feel like they used real salted peanuts to make their peanut butter, not artificially flavored “stuff.” Despite the crunchy parts, the overall texture of these cups was pretty smooth. I personally preferred the milk chocolate peanut butter cups because of the sweet-salty combination of the milk chocolate with the salt in the peanut butter.

Theo: Made in Seattle, WA




I like the small, easy to grab-and-go size of Ocho bars. I tend to find them on sale at Whole Foods, which makes me want to grab several of them at a time. I’ve tried them a couple of times now, though I’ve only had the peanut butter and mocha flavors. I could taste the grittiness of the coffee inside of the mocha bar and the crunchy peanut bits inside of the peanut butter bar. The rest of the praline-like filling on the inside is smooth, has a thicker texture and kind of sticky. They’re almost like a Snicker’s bar, but way better. They’re not fancy chocolate, but they are very addicting! I especially like to use the mocha bar as an afternoon pick me up whenever I have one on hand. And the peanut butter bar is great for my chocolate+peanut butter cravings 😉



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