Potomac Chocolate Tasting


A couple of weeks ago I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Ben Rasmussen, the creator and chocolate maker of Potomac Chocolate. Jane from J. Chocolatier was hosting a chocolate tasting at her shop featuring his bars, and it provided a great time to chat one-on-one with Ben.

I brought my boyfriend and a friend along as both were equally curious and excited as much as I was. We had a wonderful time chatting about how Ben somehow manages to have a family life, work a full time job, make chocolate as well as travel due to his business. He even managed to have time to make his own conching machine. Welded by his own hands, mathematically designed and all! What astounding dedication this man has for his craft!

I do want to add that Ben helped me be more open minded regarding acidity in chocolate bars. Usually I don’t like acidic flavors in my chocolate, but he said sometimes the maker does that on purpose as a part of their art. I’ll have to learn how to make my taste buds accept that so I can be more appreciative of what the maker is trying to accomplish!


I had tried his 70% Dark + Coconut bar before and liked it a lot! This time I was able to try his Peru 70% bar, which he had described as tasting maybe like raisins and banana… and he was right! It became a quick favorite among my friends and I.



The bar gave a nice loud snap when broken apart. I could smell raisin from the bar, and I could definitely taste raisin and banana-like notes in the chocolate. One of my friends commented that it was like a “punch in the mouth of various flavors.” The texture was very smooth and it was hard not to eat the whole thing in one sitting.

I’m looking forward to eventually trying all of Potomac Chocolate’s bars and hopefully I’ll be able to meet Ben again!

Potomac Chocolates: Made in Woodbridge, VA




2 thoughts on “Potomac Chocolate Tasting

  1. Estelle Tracy

    I love Potomac Chocolate and Ben is seriously the nicest guy!! I mean, look at this smile! The coconut bar is great and I love how assertive the flavors of his chocolate actually are. Go Potomac!


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