Whole Foods Run Part 2


Once again, Whole Foods got the best of me. I like running there to grab lunch if I haven’t packed one for work, and I tend too – well, more like consciously – wander into the chocolate aisle to see what catches my eye and what my chocolate craving for the day points to. These are the bars that grabbed my attention…


This bar was brand new when I saw it on the shelf. The bright coloring of the packaging and the fact that it had candied rose petals in it screamed, “Try me!!!” A friend recently told me that she loved candied rose petals, but that happened well after I had tried a bar by J. Chocolatier that contained them. This was a great opportunity to share with her such a chocolate bar!


Honestly, I had to take a moment and just stare at the bar. It looks like spring personified in chocolate! And with all of the rain and cloudy skies we’ve been getting lately, this was perfect for brightening up the day. It took self control to not eat this bar right away. So I got a second one to share with my friend before taking pictures for this post 😀

This bar just smells sweet all over with a little bit of nuttiness from the pistachio. There was a light crunchy texture from the pistachios and a hard, sugary, crunchiness from the candied rose petals. They remind me of rock candy but a little softer on the teeth. The milk chocolate is sweet and lingers in the background while the candied rose petal takes center stage and the pistachio is like its assistant.

I’m very, very glad to say that one acquaintance in particular claims to not like chocolate (or they will just eat white chocolate), and they said they actually LIKED this bar! They said it was due to the candied rose petals, but hey, it’s a step in the right direction 😉 I would say that I’d like to try these inclusions in dark chocolate if Sucré ever makes it that way.

Sucré: Made in New Orleans, Louisiana



I’m a big fan of Vosges, and they’ve never disappointed! I’ve actually tried their pomegranate and goji bar before, but it had been a long time. I like goji and chocolate together so it was time to have a reminder of how this bar tasted 🙂


The chocolate smelled fruity, slightly sweet and dark and gave a very sharp snap. My first first bite began tasting a little salty, followed by smooth sweetness and tartness from the pomegranate and goji. There were tiny hard and chewy bits inside, and a hint of acidic flavor to the chocolate. The more I chewed on the chocolate, the more the acidity blended into bittersweet. This is a bar I’ll be sharing with coworkers to introduce them to something different, and I’ll be taking my time working through this bar 😉

Vosges: Made in Chicago, IL



I’ve probably tried all of the El Ceibo bars before, but again, it was a long time ago when that happened. I’ve seen El Ceibo at my local Whole Foods, and this specific one caught my eye. I had recently tried a bar by Chocotenango with cocoa nibs on it, so cocoa nibs must have been on my mind.


When smelling the bar, I detected some fruity notes. My first bite was filled with saltiness, crunchiness from the cocoa nibs, bitterness and acidity from the chocolate. This one is a little too acidic for my tastes, but I do like the texture of the cocoa nibs.

El Ceibo: Produced in La Paz, Bolivia


I’ve noticed that over the past month I’ve been showing a preference for dark chocolate. I used to be absolutely in love with milk chocolate and I would inhale the stuff, but now I’m realizing that sometimes milk chocolate is too sweet for me. As I’m learning more about craft chocolate and that you only need cocoa and sugar to make a bar, I’m starting to accept and adjust my taste buds to a more bitter flavor palate in chocolate. I’m still not used to acidity and bitterness, but I’ll take it one step at a time!

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