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I’m very excited to try Amedei for the first time ever since I had seen it all over Instagram. This will also be my first time trying Michel Cluizel, who I hadn’t even heard of before, but the huge mint leaf on the back of the bar I thought was very unique and interesting. El Ceibo I’ve had several times, and I hope to revisit them since I’ve tried almost all of their chocolate bars, but that was way before I started blogging. Let’s dive in!


Addictive. That’s how I’d describe this chocolate covered puffed rice 🙂 If you like a combination of crunchy and sweetness, this is it. The packet is so travel-friendly, and it’s like having a bag of chips where you know you’ll eat the whole thing in one sitting, but better because chocolate is involved. I still have a slight preference for milk chocolate, so this definitely fed to my chocolate preference. This caught my eye because I’ve only seen chocolate bars by El Ceibo, and at the time of my buying the bag, I was told that the chocolate covered puffed rice was a new product. I hope it sticks around because I’ll definitely want to grab more of it!

El Ceibo: Product of Bolivia




I first learned about Amedei when I suddenly saw it showing up all over Instagram as thought it had a sudden surge of popularity. Apparently the 70% Extra Dark Chocolate bar was the most popular chocolate bar according to the Amedei representative who helped me decide which bar to purchase. It cost about $20 to get this bar, which is the most I’ve ever spent on a chocolate bar, but it’s actually worth it. The bar gave a nice sharp snap when broken apart. It had an interesting flavor combination that I hadn’t tasted before in a dark chocolate bar. Usually for extra dark chocolate bars I just get a mouthful of bitterness and acidity and then I can’t finish my first bite. This was more complex in having a roasted flavor, nutty notes, milk earthiness and some sweetness. It was not acidic at all, which I was so, so relieved to discover. If you have a chance, this bar is worth trying, even though I’m sure Amedei already knows their chocolate tastes great 😉 I’m definitely interested in trying other bars by them and I’m already eyeing their Toscana Red Chocolate Bar.

Amedei: Made in Italy




“Tastes like Christmas.” Those were my boyfriend’s words when we were trying this bar 😀  I actually was reminded of a mint mojito minus the rum and lime. I originally bought the bar because I hadn’t tried Michel Cluizel before, and I had never seen a chocolate bar with a humongous mint leaf on the back. My first bite was of the dark chocolate on its own. It tasted very smooth and velvety with bits of possibly mint infused sugar. This bar also thankfully was not acidic in flavor at all. When it came to the part where the mint leaf lay, the sugar gave nice crunchy texture and the mint flavor was very much apparent but did not overpower the dark chocolate flavor itself. We clearly liked this bar because we almost ate the whole thing while “sampling” it ;D

According to their website, Michel Cluizel has now been family run for three generations and started in Normandy. In 2004, they opened a branch in West Berlin, NJ. They work directly with cocoa farmers, ferment their beans at the site of their cocoa farms, then roast the beans at their manufacturing location, and use hand decorating for some of their chocolates. I wonder if this crystallized mint bar was hand placed and prepared as well!

Michel Cluizel: Originated in France with a location in West Berlin, NJ


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