Undone Cocoa Shell Tea


Did you know that Undone Chocolate (based out of Washington, D.C.) has a cocoa shell tea? Did you even know that cocoa shells could be used in such a way?? I certainly didn’t, and as someone who enjoys tea, this was great news! For those who have read my older posts, especially about Japanese chocolates, you’ll know that I absolutely love, love, love green tea + chocolate 😀 This cocoa shell tea was like having traditional tea and chocolate flavors swimming around in it.


Whenever I’ve made a pot of the cocoa shell tea, I sprinkle about 1/16 cup of shells into the water and let it sit for a few seconds. I let it steep longer if I want a stronger chocolatey flavor.


It’s kind of hard to describe the flavor, but I guess it could be like having hot chocolate minus any creaminess or thicker viscosity in other drinking chocolates. It’s light in flavor and weight like usual tea. I originally heard about Undone’s cocoa shell tea through their website, though the other day I was able to find this tea as well as their other drinking chocolate mixes at my local Mom’s Organic grocery store.

Are you still deciding if you want to try this or not? If you’re on a diet, allergic to chocolate (it’s a thing), or can’t have chocolate for other health reasons, but you want to be able to enjoy the flavor of cocoa somehow, this is the answer! I’m definitely going to keep this in mind if I ever become diabetic due to my chocolate habits 😀

Undone Chocolate: Made in Washington, D.C.




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