I know it can be a gamble trying chocolate that I find at discount places like TJMaxx, Home Goods and Marshall’s. But to find chocolate from a place like London at Home Goods I would never have expected to find. And yet here’s Prestat. On their wrapping they say they’ve been serving the royal family for years.


Their website has quite a story! Prestat might have started in 1891 by a Frenchman, though they have paperwork showing the business was established in 1902. That’s still a long time ago!!! There’s mention of the business being passed down in the family at first, the struggle of keeping business in WWII, then selling the business into various hands, famous actors becoming customers and then Prestat serving the royal family.

I think I’ve seen their truffles before somewhere, but I can’t recall if I’ve tried them or not. At least I had a chance to try a couple of bars.



Each piece reminds you that this business has been around for quite some time. The milk chocolate bar was very smooth yet kind of chewy in texture, light in flavor. It reminded me of those milk chocolate Ritter Sport bars I like a lot, but this was a slightly richer in flavor and thicker in texture.


The dark chocolate bar gave a sharp snap when broken apart and was slightly dryer though still smooth in texture. The flavor was “darker” in that it wasn’t quite earthy, but it was not creamy either. It actually almost reminded me of coffee, but I like coffee.

I can’t say I was blown away by these bars, but I want to keep in mind that these were found at a discount store and the storage conditions for the chocolate may not have been ideal before they were put onto a shelf. If Prestat has been around for so many years and has British royalty as a customer, I wouldn’t doubt that they have good chocolate!

Prestat: Made in London, England

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