I found this pack of Dolfin chocolates at Home Goods of all places! I love Dolfin’s milk chocolate with green tea bar, but I hadn’t really tried many of their other flavors. This was a great chance to do that!



The peppercorns were very strong in this chocolate. I actually bit into a piece of peppercorn, so my taste buds were kind of overwhelmed by the strong flavor.


I remember that I actually have tried Dolfin’s dark chocolate with lavender before. The lavender is pretty strong and it’s an acquired taste, but it forces me to enjoy the chocolate longer πŸ˜‰


The milk chocolate was sweet and smooth… basically what I expected πŸ™‚


The dark chocolate was a little dry and bitter, but also what I expected for plain dark chocolate.


This one was definitely bitter! I could only handle eating one square.


This was one of my favorites out of the bunch! The sweetness of the milk chocolate was well balanced by the spiciness of the cinnamon. It reminded me of fall, which is my favorite season anyway πŸ™‚


Even though this has nougat in the middle, I didn’t really taste much of it. The filling seemed to be spread very, very thin throughout the middle part of the chocolate.


This one was also a favorite! I was pleasantly surprised by how smooth the dark chocolate was. The lemon flavor was detectable but not too much, nor too little. Great balance of the bitterness of the dark chocolate and sourness of the citrus!


I haven’t really been a huge fan of dark chocolate and orange. Maybe I just haven’t had one that I’ve really liked so far. I wasn’t in love with this one, but my sister liked it.


I could definitely taste the tea in this chocolate! I tasted the earl grey immediately, while my mother detected the tea in the aftertaste.


The ginger was easily detectable in this chocolate, and the bite of the ginger remained in the aftertaste. I’m still not in love with chocolate + ginger, but I’m trying!


This creaminess of the milk chocolate and the bitterness of coffee balanced each other well. Whenever I need a caffeine boost and to fix a chocolate craving, this combination is perfect πŸ™‚

Well, Dolfin’s milk chocolate + green tea remains to be my favorite out of all of the flavors I tried. But the milk chocolate + cinnamon and dark chocolate + lemon would be next in line for chocolates I truly enjoy by them πŸ™‚

Dolfin: Made in Belgium

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