Staying Local Part 4



Co Co Sala knows how to make a great impression. Their boxes for holding bonbonbs with their rich red color look fancy. The box above even had magnets holding it closed! Usually I get a bit of ribbon or just the box as it is, but Co Co Sala knows that they can help keep your precious box of deliciousness safe and intact. Revealing the chocolate is like opening a box of jewelry. I’d rather receive a box of nice chocolates than an expensive necklace or bracelet 😉

I was so glad to be able to meet the chef behind Co Co Sala at the D.C. Chocolate Festival and let him know that my boyfriend and I had gone to their restaurant and chocolate boutique before. If you’re in the area, I definitely recommend stopping by there for dinner and some chocolate, though I believe the boutique closes before the restaurant. So eat dessert before dinner 😉


Earl Grey

  • Strong Earl Grey flavor with melt in your mouth dark chocolate ganache
  • Citrus and fruity notes with the flavor of Earl Grey at the end


Cinnamon Toffee

  • Tasted the cinnamon immediately with the warmth of toffee
  • Soft chewy bits inside
  • Overall flavor combination reminded me of Christmas and personally I think it would be great for hot chocolate!


Banana Foster

  • Tasted the banana flavor right away as well as soft texture that only banana has
  • This is basically soft banana bread condensed into a bite sized piece and dipped in chocolate 🙂


Passion Cajeta

  • Passion fruit flavor dominated with a super soft caramel-like filling


Co Cojito

  • Limey, hints of mint, some slight flavor and texture from the coconut filling
  • tastes like Happy Hour 😉

All of these bonbons were so good! I’ve always enjoyed any chocolates I’ve gotten from Co Co Sala 🙂 These guys are only in Washington, D.C., but you can order some of their chocolates online.




Admittedly, this is only the second time I’m ever trying Chouquette despite their having locations around the metro D.C. area. I know where the store closest to me is, but I just haven’t gotten myself over there yet. It is definitely on my list of need-to-go-to places!

The first time I tried Chouquette was actually when I went to one of the National Arboretum. After admiring parts of the garden, we got very hungry, and I grabbed a set of Chouquette’s caramels with a cherry blossom design. I recall them being rich and very good! At the D.C. Chocolate Festival, I was able get their “adventurous” pack of caramels.


Old Bay

  • You can’t be around Maryland without honoring and trying a favorite spice from that state!
  • Tastes like Old Bay in the sweet embrace of caramel
  • Old Bay flavor was stronger in the aftertaste
  • Can I get a jar of this caramel to eat with my crabs this summer???


Rosemary Lemon

  • Both the rosemary and lemon were strong, but were equal in strength
  • Caramel filling was a bit denser compared to the others in the box



  • Flavors that reminded me of fall, like orange, cardamom, clove and maybe chai.
  • All of the caramels were great, but this might have been my favorite 😉


Breakfast with Maple and Bacon

  • Crunchy bits of bacon swimming in caramel mixed with maple
  • Caramel filling was thicker in consistency, though not as dry as the Rosemary Lemon caramel



  • Tasted more caramel flavor first, but then the balsamic flavors crept in
  • Kind of expected a balsamic salad dressing taste, but it was gentle and not overwhelming at all
  • The balsamic and caramel made a nice pair!

Chouquette is also only in the metro D.C. area, but you can order their products online.



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